Travel Packing Checklist

I am so nervous. Tomorrow I am taking my 11 month old on an airplane for the first time. He’s crawling all over the place these days and SO busy. The flight is only 2-1/2 hours, but I’m just so anxious about trying to hold my little wiggle worm the whole time. Any flying-with-babies-for-the-first-time advice??

Well, I’m a last-minute packer so I just got started packing today and realized I needed a list. I figured many of you might be traveling during the holidays, and could probably use a general list of things to pack. I seem to always forget something. Hopefully not this time!





Don’t forget the very important advice at the top of the list!


Travel safe! And send some good-baby vibes my way for the flight tomorrow. Fingers crossed it goes well!


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