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Night Routine + Printable Bedtime Routine Checklist


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We’ve partnered with GoodNites to share our family’s night routine checklist. Here’s to making bedtime less of a dreadtime!

Night Routine

Last month we shared a few tips on how to get kids to sleep easier, and we mentioned how important setting a nighttime routine is. Today we want to share our family’s bedtime routine and how we manage to get 5 kids to bed with as little hassle possible!


*Keep in mind, this routine is our ideal nighttime set up. Some nights of the week are busier than others and we are always adjusting to fit our changing schedule.

6:15 – Early Evening

Our evening kicks off when my husband gets home from work. By this time, homework is usually done, the house has been mostly picked up, and the kids have each helped set the table for dinner.

6:30 – Family Dinner

I think most of our family conversations happens around our table. Our meals may not be gourmet, the food might be gobbled up in 3 ½ seconds, and sometimes we are rushing through it so we can be on time  to practices and meetings, but dinner as a family is something we have always placed a big importance on.

7:00 – Clean Up

Next, everyone helps get dinner cleared and the house gets one last sweep. Dishes are done, trash is taken out, the kitchen counters are wiped and floors are swept. Anything that was left out before dad got home from work is put away.

7:15 – Family Prayer & Scripture Study

We made it a goal of ours to sit together after dinner for 10-15 minutes and read from the scriptures and kneel together in family prayer.

7:30 – Bedtime Prep

This is often the craziest part of our night! It’s the time when the older kids suddenly remember projects that are due the next day and little bodies need to get to bed, but they fight us on everything! They drag their feet, they insist they aren’t tired, they refuse to brush their teeth… does this sound familiar to anyone else??? We give the kids 30 minutes to all of the following tasks done –

  • Clean up toys
  • Take a Bath
  • Get One Last Drink
  • Use the Potty
  • Put on PJ’s + GoodNites*
  • Brush Teeth
  • Say your Prayers

*Addison was potty trained at age 2, but even months after mastering daytime dryness, she would still wake up wet several nights a week. That’s where GoodNites came in!

GoodNites  are disposable nighttime pants that are specifically designed to fit and provide outstanding protection for young children who still wet at night. We like them because the sides are super stretchy to fit many different body shapes and sizes, and they come in an extra small size, offering 40% more protection vs. the leading training pant which is perfect for Addison!  PLUS, they have zoned protection in areas where girls and boys need it the most!

Like Addie, many kids struggle to stay dry at night, even after they’ve mastered staying dry during the day. We’ve learned that nighttime dryness evolves naturally as children grow and develop, but in the meantime, GoodNites offer a nighttime solution that can help you rest easy and your child stay comfortable and confident at night!

Night Routine + Printable Bedtime Routine Checklist

8:00 – Bedtime & Time with Dad

Ever since our youngest was a toddler, my husband has been the one who does the tucking in. He uses this time to catch up on all that he missed out on while at work. He spends 2-3 minutes lying next to each of our kids, talking about whatever the 2 of them want to talk about! My kids LOVE this special time with their dad!

8:30 – Lights Out!

Lastly, all giggling and chatting and joke telling from the kids is over and done at 8:30… or else! (Hahaha!)

Once lights are out and all kiddos are asleep, we get to relax for an hour or two and get ready to do it all over again the next day! (Isn’t parenting so fun!?!?) 

Printable Bedtime Routine Checklist

To help ensure everything that needs to happen before bed gets done efficiently, and to make certain no teeth go unbrushed or potty trips get skipped, I made a printable bedtime job chart that has been such a lifesaver!

Night Routine + Printable Bedtime Routine Checklist

This bedtime routine checklist is just a simple list of everything that needs to get done before bedtime. Not only does it keep us on-track for our bedtimes, it also lessens the reasons to get out of bed once they are tucked in- (“Mom, I forgot to go potty!” … “Mom, I need a drink.”) And the kids LOVE marking off the chores as they complete them!


Just a note: As with all of our printables on Somewhat Simple, this chore chart is for personal use only. It may not be mass produced, sold or claimed as your own. Thanks for understanding! 

Best of luck getting your kids to bed! 

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of GoodNites. The opinions and text are all mine.

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