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Christmas Traditions for Couples


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Taking the time to create Christmas traditions will do wonders for marriage. Here are some great christmas tradition ideas that will give you fond memories to look back on!

Christmas Traditions for Couples

Christmas traditions are super important for family unity and bonding, but they are also really important for couples and marital relationships. Marriage isn’t always easy, but taking the time to create traditions and memories—just the two of you—will do wonders for marriage. It will also give you plenty of good memories to look back on.

We have some fun traditions for the Christmas season, for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Christmas Night, and for celebrating Christmas alllllll year!!! Take a look –

If you’re looking to start a new tradition with your spouse, here are a few ideas to get your started:

Christmas Tradition Ideas For Couples

*Make sure you read all the comments below for even more fun ideas from our readers! 

Christmas Season Traditions –

  1. Cider Sippin’. (I actually prefer hot cocoa, but “cider sippin’” sounds cooler!) For this one, you get a babysitter and head out to grab some hot cocoa. While you sip on your cocoa and enjoy the time alone, you can go over your children’s lists and make a plan of attack for the shopping. If you’re feeling up to it, head to the stores and get some of that shopping done!
  2. The Classics. I love the tradition of watching a holiday movie together. For my husband and I, it is “Elf.” Send the kids to grandma’s, or send them to someone else’s house, or give them an incentive to stay in bed while mom and dad have a date night at home. Put on a favorite Christmas movie while you wrap all of the presents. Make an easy dinner together or grab take out, etc.
  3. Stocking Stuffers. Get together with another couple that you both enjoy spending time with. Enjoy an activity, dinner, or dessert together and then split up: Guys and Gals. Collaborate together as you search for some fun stocking stuffers for your spouse. Sometimes getting ideas from someone else can be helpful, and having a girl’s and guy’s night is fun too!

Couples Christmas Eve Traditions –

Christmas day will be majorly focused on the kids, so make a tradition the night before for just the two of you. It could be as simple as a special “toast”, followed by sharing your favorite memory from the last year, or maybe you exchange a special gift or letter.

Read all about our 5 Favorite Christmas Eve Traditions, and then start a tradition you love!

Christmas Day Traditions –

Nothing says, “Merry Christmas, I love you!” like a fun, unique stocking!!! My husband and I have been filling each other’s stocking since our first year of marriage. I love seeing what ideas he comes up with year after year! We have a whole post on various couples stocking ideas that are fun and thoughtful!

Christmas Night Traditions –

In our younger days, my husband and I started a tradition of waiting alllllll day to give each other our presents until midnight that night. Now that we can barely say up past 10:30, our tradition is to give each other our presents right before we go to bed. I loooooove having one last gift to look forward to after all the others have been opened. It makes the day so much more exciting!

One gift that got rave reviews from my husband that would make the PERFECT nighttime gift is this Sexy Gift for Him. We’ve had  plenty of our readers say how much they loved doing this for their husbands too!

Christmas All Year – 

Rather than give each other THINGS for Christmas, give each other date nights to be enjoyed once a month, all year-long! This could be as simple as movie tickets, plays, and sporting events etc. If you can afford it, one of them could be a special weekend away. Here are some details on how to gift these date nights using our 12 Daytz of Christmas.

Now it’s time for you to inspire me!

What are some traditions you enjoy with your spouse?

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