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Homework Help || Punch Card Bookmarks


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These free printable Homework Punch Card Bookmarks are the perfect incentive to get homework done, and make it more exciting!

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Homework Help

Getting homework done around here can sometimes be a chore. Sometimes there are tears. Sometimes said tears are not from the kids. 😉 Sometimes it can get frustrating. And sometimes, we all just need a little motivation!

I designed these punch card bookmarks and so far, my kids LOVE them!! They can’t wait to get their homework done and get a punch on their bookmark, which gets them closer to their reward!

Speaking of rewards…

I let each of my kids pick their own reward and they can change it up with each bookmark! Here are some ideas of rewards you can use –

  • 30 minutes later bedtime
  • trip to the ice cream store
  • get out of doing dinner dishes
  • date night with mom + dad
  • movie night at home with friends
  • get out of Saturday morning chores

You can come up with incentives that are age-appropriate and you can go as simple or elaborate as you want!

multi-colored Homework punch card bookmarks from this free download are fanned out on top of a counter

How To Make Homework Punch Cards


  • scissors or paper cutter
  • hole punch
  • Homework Punch Card Bookmarks (Click below to download):


  1. Print off the bookmarks
  2. Cut out.
  3. Fill out.
  4. Start punching!

a boy holding a green Homework printable punch card

Homework Punch Card Bookmark Printable

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looking down on a purple, blue, green, yellow and orange homework punch card that can also be used as a bookmark

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