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First Day of School + Last Day of School Interview Printables


This first + last day of school interviews printable pack is an amazing keepsake for your kid’s school years! Don’t miss out on these precious memories! Grab yours now, just in time for the first day of school!

school interviews printable pack


The perfect interview for the first day of school

Last year we shared a printable for a cute first day of kindergarten interview, and the requests for more grades started rolling in! So we decided to create a first + last day of school interview for all grades AND we just added a blank version so you can write in the name of any preschool or prep years we might have missed!

You can print just the one grade you need for this year, or save them all and have your kid fill it out every year to see their change and growth. Even if you’re not starting at the beginning of Kindergarten or if you only end up doing it for one school year, I think you’ll find that one is better than none at all!

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Printable First Day of School + Last Day of School Interviews



  1. Print off the interviews.
  2. Insert or attach the cover page and spine insert onto your binder.
  3. Grab your child and fill out the questions.
  4. Place in a sheet protector, and place in the binder. 

Helpful Ideas for this school interviews printable pack:

  1. Include it in a storage tote or file folder with your kid’s school work and papers you’re keeping for that grade. The interview would be a great folder cover!
  2. Add the interview to a scrapbook next to your kid’s school photo or first day of school photo.
  3. Scan or take a picture of the interview and add it to a photo book or photo album.

Click HERE to grab the Kindergarten files for FREE! 


Click HERE to grab the entire school interview printable pack!

We’ve also had an overwhelming request for preschools and the names of other grades from our overseas friends, so we’ve included a blank first and last day of school sheet for anyone who just wants to write the name of the grade!

I hope you enjoy reading all the fun answers you’ll get, now and for years to come 🙂

This first day of school post originally published in 2016, but was updated with a redesign and additional grade printables in 2017 and 2018.


Don’t miss out on precious memories, grab your  first + last day of school interviews printable, just in time for the first day of school! #printable #kidsactivities #journal #journaling #endofschool #backtoschool #kindergarteninterviewquestions

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