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10 DIY Curtain Rods and Creative Window Treatments


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Create the perfect window treatments with these 10 DIY Curtain Rods.

10 Affordable Curtain Rods and Window Treatments

You don’t have to spend a fortune to make your windows look amazing! Here are some fun ways to create the perfect look AND it will save you money too!

DIY Curtain Rods

Copper Pipe Curtain Rod

Copper Pipe Curtain Rod

from Brandon and Morgan @ Bomisch on Apartment Therapy

Attractive, simple and affordable- these curtain rods are made from copper plumber’s piping. The project can be done in an under an hour and for under $20.

pvc pipe curtain rod

PVC Curtain Rod

from Seven Layer Studio

The whole setup for these 3 windows – pipes, brackets, spray paint, and finials – costed about $20! – and $5 of that was for the spray paint!

Vintage Door Knob Window Treatment

Vintage Door Knob & Industrial Pipe Curtain Rods

from In My Own Style

I LOVE the vintage look of these doorknobs. If you can’t find old knobs, just buy shiny new ones and use paint to age them. Diane will show you how to attach them to the rod and you’ll be all set!

Rope Curtain Rod

Rope Curtain Rods

from Vintage Revivals

This easy window treatment is way more creative than the regular, boring curtain rods. And lets face it, who doesn’t want a little nautical in their life?

Antique Brass Window Treatment

Antique Brass Curtain Rods

from Shine Your Light

Would you believe the ends of the rods are actually PING PONG BALLS?!?! You have to see it to believe it!

branch curtain rod

Rustic Branch Curtain Rod

from Life Over Easy

Cheap, easy and take just a few minutes to whip up!

PVC Pipe Curtain Rods

DIY Finials from Cabinet Knobs 

from Lovely Etc.

Dress up your cheap curtain rods with cabinet knobs! Not only are there a million different styles, they are also so much cheaper than finials! Learn how to attach them with Carrie’s brilliant tutorial!

Farmhouse Window Treatments

Affordable Industrial Farmhouse Pipe Curtain Rods

from Liz Marie Blog

I LOVE a good DIY project, but I also love saving money and time. Liz Marie shows us how to get the industrial farmhouse window treatments of your dreams, without the cost or mess of the ones from the hardware store. (Hint: Target lovers will go nuts for this!)

Colorful Curtain Rods

 Colorful Curtain Rods 

from Selina Lake on Home Talk

PVC piping and finials spray painted in bold colors.

Creative Window Treatments

Oar Curtain Rods

from Amber Clark on Country Living

An old oar without a companion makes a great curtain rod in a nautical themed room!

. . . . .

So there you have it! 10 ways to dress up your windows without breaking the bank!

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