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Road Trip Roll of Quarters Idea + Free Printable


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Our roll of quarters idea is the perfect way to encourage good behavior on your next family road trip!

Road Trip Incentives

It is officially summertime, and that means families everywhere are buckling up and heading out of town! For some, a family road trip is a great way to make memories, visit friends and relatives, and see the great outdoors. But for others, the thought of being cooped up in a car for hours (or days!) at a time with cranky kids and fighting siblings makes the reality of a road trip less than desirable!

Today I wanted to share my very favorite idea for rewarding good behavior in the car. This is a fun parenting trick that my husband grew up with, only when he was a kid it was done with nickels and dimes – gotta love inflation!

Here is how it works –

Roll of Quarters Road Trip Idea

Materials Needed – 

  • 1 roll of quarters for each child
  • free printable (download below)
  • pen
  • tape
  • coin storage tube – we used mini M&M containers, but you can use a ziplock baggie if you want!

Directions – 

  1. Download, print and cut out the roll of quarters printable. Write each child’s name on it, then tape it to your coin storage tube.
  2. During the trip, reward good behavior by adding quarters to your kid’s container. You can take quarters away for negative behavior.
  3. Let the kids use their quarters at rest stops or to buy souvenirs during your trip.

Not only is this trick pure genius for motivating good behavior and keeping sibling rivalry at a minimum, but it also allows your children to practice making financial decisions.

Don’t be afraid to let them fail by blowing all their money on one thing, it’s all part of the learning process. It’s wise to give your children these experiences when they are young so that they know better when they are older.

ready to create your own?

click here to download our Road Trip Quarters Labels

Happy and safe travels!

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