Things You Can Create with a Paper Bag

Who knew there were so many things you can create with a paper bag?

I’m in the process of updating my site and editing my posts and some of the ideas I published back when it was just me reading my blog have horrible pictures!!! My post about making a paper bag scrapbook is a fun idea, but you’d never know it because the process was captured with the camera on cell phone. {Any new bloggers who are reading this, please learn from my mistake! Beautiful pictures make all the difference!!!}

In order to make this post prettier, since my pictures are truly awful, I found some other creative ideas, all using paper bags. Hopefully you can get some inspiration after all and look past the dark, blurry image of my paper bag scrapbook tutorial!

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{Original Tutorial}

Here is the fun way the boys showcased their achievements in Cub Scouts when I was a den leader a couple years ago- paper bag scrapbooks.

{YIKES! Can you even make out what that it??? Sorry guys!}

The boys decorated 1 bag for every month of the year with pictures and summaries of what we did at scouts that month.

When they were done decorating, I laminated the entire bag and then cut a small strip off of the side that opens to create “pockets” for all the papers and projects that were completed during the month.

Lastly, I punched 2 circles along the side and tied with ribbon to bind it all together. This method makes it easy to add more pages as you need to.

The boys designed their own covers and we added to it each month and displayed it again and again at each pack meeting.

When it was fully complete with all 12 months, they took it with them as they advance in scouting.

I think this scrapbook is a nice keepsake that’s easy to store if they decide to keep it for a long time.

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Here are some more fun ideas of things you can do with a paper bag, all with wayyyy better pictures, as promised.

{Please pin the original source}

I love each one of these paper bag scrapbooks- the details are fantastic!

1. I Love You Because scrapbook from Rosy Posy

2. Holiday paper bag scrapbook from Parents

3. Pre-made Baby Boy scrapbook from Scrapbooking By Phyllis

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1. Paper Basket Bouquet from Martha

2. Child’s backpack from a paper bag from First Grade Parade

3. I love this basket made from sewn paper bags from The Pinterest Project

4. Grocery Bag Easter Basket from Elinee

1. Paper Bag Pinatas from Creation Corner on Somewhat Simple

2. Owl Teacher’s Gift from Clean and Scentsible

3. Paper Bag Puppets from Martha

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1. Paper Bag Vases from Martha

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1. Colorful hanging lanterns from Martha

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3. Paper lanterns from paper bags from Landee see Landee Do

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1. Paper Bag Menus from United with Love

2. Paper Bag Pinwheels from AdalynSTONE

3. Popcorn in a Paper Bag from It’s A Tradition

4. Paper Bag Ribbon from Roben Marie

. . . . .

Whew, that was quite the list!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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    What great ideas Steph! I love the simplicity of some of these projects. Thanks for including my homemade popcorn post – I actually just made some last night!


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    These are some great ideas! I love crafting with paper bags!!! When I go into a gas station, I can’t resist asking if I can take a couple of their tiny paper bags (the ones that are made for cans)!