Tile Menu Board

tiled menu board 0

I am a big-time menu planner, so when my sister in law gave me this tile menu board for Christmas years ago, I pretty much thought it was one of the best presents ever. Even after all these years it still ranks with the microwave as one of the most used items in my kitchen!

tiled menu board 1

To make your own, all you’ll need are some vinyl stickers and a smooth, ceramic tile. Shiny ceramic is best, natural stone is the worst. You want something with very little grooves so that when you wipe it off, marker doesn’t get stuck all the little lines of the tile.

tiled menu board 3

This also makes a great wedding present too- couple the menu tile with a dry erase marker and an easel and you’re good to go!

tiled menu board 2

Even if you aren’t that great at menu planning, people will think you are!

This post originally published on Somewhat Simple in July 2009

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  1. Michelle says

    love this…simple and makes a great gift idea. Would work as a message board too. TFS!

  2. Kim says

    I would love to make these for gifts this Christmas. I do have one question regarding making them. What did you used (product wise) for the word "Menu"? Could you please email me when you get a chance…I'm ready to make them!