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Germs + Cooties Cleaner Printable


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Turn an ordinary bottle of hand sanitizer into a darling “Cooties Cleaner” that kids will LOVE! There’s no better way to rid the germs from stinky boys and giggling girls!

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hand sanitizer bottles with a cootie cleaner label

Help parents and teachers keep the germs at bay! This little idea is a really quick and super easy project that you can make in seconds! Personal hand sanitizers are great back-to-school gifts, but we also included a fun Valentine tag so you can give them to your kids this Valentine’s Day. (Or, for older kids, let them pass these out to their classmates!) A DARLING, non-candy Valentine’s idea that is affordable AND useful! All you need is a few simple supplies and just a couple of minutes of your time! Here’s how to make them –

How to Make a Cooties Cleaner



  1. Download and print the Germs + Cooties labels then cut them out.
  2. If you are giving these as a Valentine gift, now is the time to write your name in the “from” section while the paper is still able to lay flat.
  3. Place a good amount of glue on the backside of the label, then stick it to the hand sanitizer bottle. There are 5 different colors available, and you can choose to put a label on the front or put one on the back too!

hand sanitizer bottles with a valentine's label

My kids were SO excited to give these to their friends! Such a fun and simple Valentine gift that totally speaks their language!

Are you ready to make your own Cooties Cleaner?

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Hope you love these as much as I do!  And Happy Valentine’s Day!  –xoxo

bottles of sanitizer with a printable cootie cleaner label

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