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Intimacy Ideas (and Printables!)


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Get ready to spice things up!

Today we are sharing some tasteful {and safe!} intimacy ideas with printables you are going to love!

The Ultimate Intimacy Pack features monthly tasteful, unique, and SUPER EXCITING games that will get your spouses’ blood boiling. It’s honestly the gift that keeps on giving, all year long! And not only is the content totally unique; everything in this pack is just oh-so-gorgeous. The colors, fonts…everything. Stunning!

This pack is 139 PAGES – ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY NINE! There is sooo much more to this pack than the pictures and post will show, but let’s dive in, shall we and I’ll give you a tiny sneak peek:


For February’s…uuhhh…”game”, we have “The Vixen’s Love Shop”! This is a “Shop ‘Til You Drop” date, where your sweetie selects items from a spicy menu of services! You get the picture…I’ll just leave it at that.


For March, we’re capitalizing on March Madness in “MAD About YOU!” Let’s see who has skills in the court AND the bedroom! {Okay, so I don’t want to “see”…but you should see with your spouse…do you get what I mean? Seriously. Wording. So tough right now.}


For your April “bedroom date”, we’ve drummed up these “Eggstra-Steamy Treats“! Who says Easter is only for the kids?! Not at our house! They’ve provided just about everything you need to create an awesome “Easter Tree“, with loads of spicy suggestions on it.


May is graduation time! Why not gain a “Masters in the Bedroom Arts” degree this year?


Summer is here in June, and that means lots of Lemonade Stand Hopefuls will be gracing your neighborhood street. How about hosing your own “Sweet Spot” in the bedroom, for just the two of you? They’ve even included two delicious recipes, tried and true from the Divas themselves!


I think July’s “adventurous activity” might just be my favorite. It features spicy conversation starters AND a flaming hot Twister-inpired game in “Spark The Night“! Who says the best fireworks only happen on the 4th of July?


And just like that…it’s back to school time! This month is all about intimate learning with your one-and-only, so hit those books with “Sassy School Schedule“!


Gorgeous September temperatures just always seem to scream “camping” to me, so why not make it happen in the bedroom, too? Go “Glamping With Your Sweetheart“!


In October, cast a spell for love in this “Naughty Haunted Night“! Anatomy lesson included!


November is all about showing gratitude. Remember to show “thanks” for all of those traits that leave you hot and bothered, too, in the “Gratitude Challenge“!


December always seem to call just one question to mind… were you “Naughty Or Nice“?


Kick start the new year with making intimacy a priority all over again with the included calendars, “honey-do” lists, sassy suggestions, and tons of love note cards!

I’m just going to leave it at…you’re welcome!


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