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Gifts For Husband – A Present Every Hour!


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We Google it multiple times every year – gifts for husband. Father’s Day, Birthday, Valentines, Christmas… why is gift giving for your spouse such a hard thing to do? If you’re like me and you’re not sure what to get him for that special day, here’s a fun (and simple!) idea he is sure to love!

gifts for husband on his birthday

Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Husband

My husband is super thoughtful, and he happens to be the best gift giver in the entire world! He puts so much time and thought into all the gifts he has ever given to me. The only problem with this is that I have to be thoughtful and creative with the gifts I give to him too. He likes a gift with meaning- something that takes more thought than money, and something he can’t just go buy himself. (Like, he would totally love a new baseball hat, but if he really wanted a new hat, he’d buy one.)

This year for his birthday, I racked my brain for weeks and weeks and no creative idea ever came to me. I was super frustrated, and finally THREE DAYS before his birthday, I saw an idea that Mique did for her husband on their 8th anniversary. I adapted this gift to fit a birthday instead of an anniversary and it turned out perfect!

Thoughtful Gifts For Husband

The basic idea is to get your guy a bunch of presents (as small or big as you’d like) and give him a gift every hour of the day.

This year my husband was turning 34, so the kids and I had him open a present on the 34th minute of every hour- from 8:34am to 8:34pm.

The kids and I hit Amazon and Target and bought him things he needed and things he loved. (Shopping for these presents was almost as fun as giving them!) Then, I simply wrapped each one and labeled it with the time of day he was supposed to open it. Here are a few ideas of what we got him –

  • Favorite candy bar
  • Favorite snack (my husband LOVES Country Archer beef jerky)
  • A new t-shirt
  • An iTunes gift card
  • New headphones
  • New toiletries

(There are even more ideas in the comments section from our readers, so keep reading!) 

Remember, these gifts don’t have to be huge or expensive – the thoughtful part is in the delivery! 

Because the fun came in the actual giving of the gifts, we got him things that would otherwise be boring. Like his favorite kind of potato chips and beef jerky –  if I gave my husband a bag of chips for his birthday, he’d probably shrug and say, “Gee, thanks honey!” But knowing the kids and I bought a bunch of items that reminded us of him made it more sentimental and thoughtful.

If your guy is working, send him to work with a present for each hour. If he is out of town, mail him a big package with all these presents inside!

Gift Ideas For Your Husband On Other Occasions

For Father’s Day – Give a gift on the minute of how many kids you have

For Valentines Day – Give a gift on the minute of how many years you’ve been together.

this gift idea for your husband shows three boxes wrapped in blue twine with a gift tag with different times on them tell him when to open his birthday present

I like this idea because it made the entire day special.

{And the kid’s had a blast watching the clock all day waiting for the hour to pass!}

It was a great birthday!

More Gift Ideas For Your Husband

gift for husband anniversary

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