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Thoughtful Choose Your Own Adventure Birthday Gift


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Coming up with a thoughtful birthday gift for your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend etc. can be TOUGH! But this idea is the perfect way to make the day fun and sentimental without costing an arm and leg… unless you want it to!

Finding the perfect gift for my husband hasn’t always been easy. In the past I’ve given him some fun ones- A Present Every Hour, a Personalized Canvas, and the wildly popular Sexy Gift Idea. But this Choose Your Own Adventure Gift might just be the new reigning champion here! It’s a thoughtful birthday gift that is SO good!

The Perfect Gift For The Impossible Person

My husband’s birthday was last week and, as per usual, I had the hardest time coming up with a gift for him.


Because he is the hardest person to shop for.


Because he likes gifts that are sentimental. Something he can’t just go purchase himself. Something that requires thought and planning.

And also – 

He hates clothes, and he doesn’t have a favorite hobby – so any clothing, sporting equipment, or techy stuff etc. is out.

Oh, and did I mention –

He is the best gift giver ever. Seriously, so thoughtful. Which I love, because he spoils me. But I also hate because it puts pressure on me to find something amazing for him.

An Easy & Thoughtful Birthday Gift Idea

Twice a year I am presented with the dilemma of what to get him – his birthday and Christmas – and twice a year I wish I could just buy him a couple new shirts and call it good.

But in an effort to make the guy feel appreciated and loved on his special day, I rack my brain for weeks, or months, until I finally think of the perfect gift.

This year, his birthday was on Monday, and after coming up empty with any great birthday gift ideas, I decided on Sunday night that I would just have to give him a gift card to get a massage.

And because he doesn’t usually splurge on himself, this could have been great. But I just felt like I could do better and be more thoughtful, so I was a bit discouraged.

And then I woke up on Monday morning (yes, the DAY of his birthday!) with a thoughtful birthday gift that turned out to be one of the funnest birthday’s he’s had in his adult life – a day full of “Adventures”!!!!!

two envelopes with adventure ideas that could be options for your choose your own adventure day

Choose Your Own Adventure Birthday Gift

Since my husband works from home now, we had the whole day to spend together. So as soon as the kids were on the school bus, our day of adventure finally began! Here is how it works –

Supplies You Will Need

  • A day off – no work, no sports games, no prior commitments. Cancel everything, call in sick. Do what you need to do.
  • A baby sitter – send the kids to grandmas, or hire a teenager to come hang out at your house.
  • Our Choose Your Own Adventure Printables – download below, or make your own!
  • A pen or marker
  • About 5 envelopes – this will be dependent on how many adventures you plan.
  • Tape or glue stick (if you want to use our printables, you’ll tape a label onto each envelope.)
  • About 10 or so different ideas that you can turn into adventures! (our list is below if you need some good ones!)


  1. Download, print and cut out each printable.
  2. Write all the adventures onto their own cards.
  3. Place coordinating cards into each envelope – i.e. both breakfast options go together, both afternoon activity ideas go together, etc.
  4. Tape or glue the adventure labels to each envelope, and write on the front which number it is so you don’t go out of order.
  5. Give the recipient the first envelope and get ready for a day of fun!

How Our Day Played Out

  • Adventure #1: Breakfast. I gave him 2 restaurant options; Hen House Cafe -OR- Snooze. He chose Hen House Cafe.
  • Adventure #2: Morning Activity. A choice between Seeing a Movie -OR- Renting Scooters Downtown and riding around the city. He chose the scooters.
  • Adventure #3: Lunch. I presented the options of Jalapeño Bucks, a new restaurant we’ve been wanting to try -OR- grabbing Firehouse Subs and having a Picnic Lunch. He chose the picnic lunch.
  • Adventure #4: Afternoon Activity. A Foot Rub at Home (so he could check his email if he needed to!) -OR- Bedroom Shopping. We desperately need a new bedroom set and have been meaning to hit the furniture store, BUT this isn’t exactly a birthday adventure, so I also include in this Bedroom Shopping Adventure the opportunity to stop by Victoria’s Secret for some lingerie… which might then come in handy for Adventure #5! He chose Bedroom Shopping. (And it was a blast!) 😉
  • Break time. When the kids were home from school, we paused our day for one hot minute and had dinner, cake and ice cream, and each of the kids gave him a present before heading to bed.
  • Adventure #5: Nighttime Activity. His choices were A Soak in the Hot Tub -OR- A Hot Oil Massage. He chose the hot tub.

Adventure Ideas

  • Meals: Come up with 2 favorite breakfast spots, lunch locations, or dinner options. It’s obviously easier to eat out, but you can give 2 ideas for each meal of things you’re willing to make at home – which would be perfect if there’s a special meal you know they LOVE! Just make sure you have all the ingredients for each meal so your day of adventure doesn’t involve a trip to the grocery store!
  • Activities: Are there any cool places around town you’ve never been to but have always wanted to try?! Is there someplace special the two of you haven’t been in a while? (The park where he proposed, the church where you were married? The parking lot of your first kiss?) Or are there some classic “date night activities” that you haven’t done in a while?
    • movies
    • mini golf / Top Golf / driving range
    • bowling
    • indoor skydiving
    • skating (when was the last time you went skating?!)
    • bike riding (rent some bikes if you need to!)
    • scooter riding
    • amusement park / carnival
    • museums
    • scenic drive
    • back / foot rubs
    • historic landmarks
    • nickle arcade
    • library
    • grab a special treat
    • concert / sporting event / play
    • paint canvas / make pottery

Thoughtful Gift Idea Printable

If you are like me, and can seem to come up with a gift idea that’s both thoughtful and different, this is for you.  The great thing about this gift is that it’s easily adaptable to where you live and your loved one’s interests.  *** I would LOVE to see your activity ideas! Leave us a comment below or tag us on social media so I can see all of the fun ideas you came up with! ***


We hope this birthday is the best one yet! Cheers!

a close up of the printables that come in this thoughtful choose your own adventure printable gift pack


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