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Printable Cleaning Checklist Cards + Simple Cleaning Bucket


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If you’ve got Spring Cleaning on the brain, these colorful Printable Cleaning Checklist Cards will help you tackle your goals!

Let’s face it. Doing household chores is not the most glamorous thing to do. And to get the kids involved? Sometimes it’s easier to herd cats. #JustSayin’ So we’re here to help make the mundane task of cleaning a little more fun and easier for you and the whole family!

The first thing one needs to get properly motivated is a colorful + darling checklist. Because cute makes everything more fun, right? 😉 (And let’s not forget to mention the deep satisfaction of checking things off a list.) We’ve created these Printable Cleaning Checklist Cards with those two facts in mind.

Next, you’re going to need a caddy or bucket of sorts, with a handle or holes in it, so you can clip your ring onto it, making chore time a breeze! Ready to get your bucket o’ clean on? #LetsDoThis

Printable Cleaning Checklist Cards


  • Cleaning Checklist Cards (download below)
  • Hole punch
  • Laminating sheets + laminator*
  • Scissors and/ or paper cutter
  • Clip (or O) ring
  • Dry erase marker
  • Caddy or Bucket with handles
  • Basic cleaning supplies – we used Pine Sol Lemon, Clorox Disinfecting Wipes, Glad Trash Bags, and microfiber cloths that we found at our local Walmart and


  1. First, print off our Cleaning Checklist Cards.
  2. Fill in any additional chores, or use the blank cards to create any other rooms or areas you have in your home.
  3. Cut out and laminate. (*If you don’t own a laminator, you can use an iron. Just place the cards inside the laminating sheets, place that in between two towels, and iron until clear.)
  4. Cut out (leaving a slight edge of the laminate to keep your cards waterproof).
  5. Punch hole in top corner, and thread onto your clip.
  6. Clip onto caddy or bucket, fill with your cleaning supplies, and you’re ready to go!

One of the hardest things about Spring Cleaning is that sometimes we don’t keep up with the day to day cleaning, and that leaves a whole overwhelming list to check off when Springtime rolls around. We found that these Cleaning Checklist Cards help with that, thus making life a little more easy and organized. And they’re so simple, that the kids can pick a card, and help out as well!


First of all, don’t worry about filling your caddy or bucket with a bunch of items – with these cards, you really only need a few things to keep on top of those pesky chores:

Trash bags: Each room needs to have the trash gathered and thrown away, so make sure you have those. We love the Glad Trash Bags with Antimicrobial Odor Protection, because kids (and teens). And no one wants to smell last night’s dinner, or the bathroom garbage, am I right? And also? The Grips The Can technology. Game changer, people.

Disinfecting wipes: Let’s be honest. The kids love using these, and I love being able to just grab, wipe, and throw all those germs and grime in the trash. And you know it’s killing those viruses + germs when you’re using Clorox Disinfecting Wipes. And they’re perfect for all surfaces, including stainless steal, finished hardwood, mirrors and glass. 

Multi-surface cleaner: Some tasks are just to large for disinfecting wipes, so another thing you’re going to want is a great multi-surface cleaner. We LOVE the Pine Sol Lemon – cleans + deodorizes, leaving the whole house smelling fresh and clean! Plus it also cuts through tough grease, grime, and dirt on multiple surfaces (cleans floors, sinks, counter, stoves, bathtubs, showers, tile, and more). So for those rooms that require mopping, or cleaning appliances, this is perfect to have in your arsenal.

Microfiber cloths: We love microfiber cloths for dusting, shining faucets, etc. They can also be used to quickly wipe down floors instead of pulling out the mop. They’re a great thing to have in your cleaning bucket!

Larger items: Finally, there are a few other things you’ll need with these Cleaning Checklist Cards that won’t fit in your caddy or bucket. Make sure you have a good vacuum, and it doesn’t hurt to tote around a laundry basket, for clothes, sorting items, or carrying things back to their proper places.

Ready to grab your own Cleaning Checklist Cards?

Do you have any other cleaning tips + tricks to add? We’d love to hear them! Leave us a comment, and happy cleaning + list check-off-ing! 😉

Cleaning Checklist Cards

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