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Utility Closet Organization


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Batteries, light bulbs, flashlights and more – let’s talk about how to organize your utility closet!

Utility Closet

Utility Closet Organization

Raise your hand if you have multiple locations for household miscellaneous items. Items that get stuffed in junk drawers because they don’t have a home of their own. Items like extension cords, air filters, vacuum cleaner attachments, light bulbs etc.

Last month I needed an extension cord and it took me nearly 20 minutes to find one. We have probably 5 or so around the house in various locations, but I couldn’t find a single one because I really didn’t have a place for them. After much frustration, I decided I needed to do better at organizing those miscellaneous items. So, I set out to create an organized utility closet where all of those “things” had a place.

I had this unused set of cupboards upstairs between my boy’s bedrooms that I decided would get a fun makeover!

Utility Closet Organization

I purchased some baskets and containers to help corral everything and I LOVE the way it looks!

Closet Organization

The upper cabinet now holds various smaller items, and the lower cabinet is perfect for the larger items. Let’s take a closer look at how everything is organized:

How to Organize a Utility Closet

Utility cupboard

The small baskets I used are perfect for holding batteries, bungee cords, duct tape, owners manuals etc.

What to put in a utility closet

light bulb storage

Light bulbs were another issue I had in my home. They were always floating around various closets and cupboards, sometimes breaking before I could use them.

box for light bulbs

This is the bulbNEST – the coolest little box built especially for light bulb storage. There are 2 versions of the bulbNEST, the one I have is the bulbNEST DIY. It is the ready-to-assemble version of the original bulbNEST and it securely holds your lightbulbs keeping them organized and handy. The bulbNEST DIY holds 6 standard and 2 spotlight light bulbs, and I love how compact and sturdy this box is. It fits perfectly in my utility closet!

how to store light bulbs

For purchasing info and product details on the bulbNEST, click the links below –

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Things to include in a utility closet

In the lower cupboard, I now keep our steam machine, our vacuum cleaner attachments, and our extra air filters. Everything has a place and I seriously LOVE it!

What to Include in a Utility Closet

  • light bulbs
  • batteries
  • toilet paper
  • lighter / matches
  • 1st aid kit
  • cleaning wipes
  • humidifier
  • space heater
  • extension cords
  • duct tape
  • air filters
  • owners manuals
  • tools
  • vacuum accessories
  • shoe laces
  • sewing kit
  • electrical tape
  • crazy glue

Best of luck organizing a space for all your household miscellaneous items!

Tutorial - How To Organize Your Utility Closet

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