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Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub Recipe


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DIY beauty scrubs help you get silky smooth skin for pennies.  This Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub recipe smells good enough to eat {or at least lick the bowl} and it’s super easy to make!

a jar filled with DIY Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub that was made with this homemade recipe. There's a blue tag tied onto the jar with twine that says vanilla brown sugar scrub on it. There are 2 additional jars filled with the scrub in the background.

Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub

Sugar scrubs are a wonderful way to pamper yourself and smooth out those rough spots.  They’re even better to give as gifts without spending a ton.  These are the kind of thoughtful gifts I love!

The store bought varieties of sugar scrubs are lovely, they really are, but can be expensive or have questionable ingredients.  It’s easy to make your own in less than 10 minutes with a few simple natural ingredients you might already have in your pantry.  My daughters helped make this batch and couldn’t believe how easy it really is.

This Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub smells divine it also softens and moisturizes your skin beautifully.

This picture is made up of two images. On the left is an open jar of this DIY Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub piled high with the scrub with 2 additional jars behind it. On the right side, there are two jars of the brown sugar scrub staked on top of each other with blue tags tied to them with twine.

DIY Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub Recipe


  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup oil (almond, olive or coconut work best)
  • 1/2 teaspoon vitamin E oil
  • 1 teaspoon real vanilla extract


  1. Place all ingredients in a bowl and mix together.  You can add more or less oil to your liking.
  2. Store in an air tight container.  Since this recipe doesn’t contain any preservatives, it’s best if it’s used within a month or two.

How To Use A Sugar Scrub

  • Scoop a small amount of the Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub in your hands with a spoon.
  • Scrub all over your hands or feet – or wherever you’d like a little extra softness.
  • Allow to sit on your on your skin for 3-4 minutes.  Enjoy this time to rest and relax.
  • Rinse well and then pat dry with a towel.

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Other Great Health And Beauty Ideas

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, this sugar scrub would make the perfect do-it-yourself gift to pamper mom! Place it in a pretty container and you’ll have your handmade gift done in a jiffy.  This sugar scrub works well for baby shower, birthday or holiday gifts too.

If you want the darling tag to go with your Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub, click here.

a close up of an open jar overfilled with brown sugar body scrub. At the top of the image the words simple Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub is written in black letters.


Another one of my favorite effortless DIYs is this recipe for Peppermint Bath Salts.

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