For The Book Lover: Free Printable Bookmarks

I’ll let you in on a little secret. I LOVE books. I love a fabulous story with a twisting, turning plot that keeps me from doing the dishes or laundry or going to bed at a decent hour because I just can’t put it down. But even if I can display some sort of self-control (i.e. the kids need dinner) there’s another reason why I don’t want to put it down: I don’t own a proper bookmark. Torn open envelope from my last bank statement? Used it. Business card from the pest control guy? Yep. Piece of (unused) toilet paper? Guilty. Shamefully guilty.

I decided that I needed a proper bookmark. I saw a few designs floating around the internet, so I decided to create my own. And yes, my fellow tear-a-piece-of-paper-from-your-child’s-old-school-newsletter-and-use-it-as-a-bookmark-ers, I will share them with you:

01. Hunger Games // Yellow

02. Mother Goose // Light Blue

03. Treasure Island // Blue

04. Lord of The Rings // Green

05. Where The Wild Things Are // Grey

06. Black Beauty // Pink

07. Fantastic Mr. Fox // Orange

08. Matilda // Light Green

Click on the bookmark(s) you want to make above to download them to your computer. Print them off, grab a pair of scissors and then follow these instructions:

01. Cut out the bookmark(s).  02. Fold in half. Then cut on the line arrow is pointing at.  03.  Fold the sides up.  04. Tuck the white edges in. (Tip: use the handle of your scissors to ‘press’ all of your folds down)

Super easy. And it looks so much cuter in your book than a square of toilet paper. Trust me.


Sarah is a stay-at-home-mom of three beautiful children, wife to a pretty awesome guy, and lover of singing in the shower, Dr. Pepper, cinnamon bears, and McGuyver. She resides in Arizona and has recently added Laundry Procrastinator Extraordinaire to her resume.

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    • Sarah says

      Awww! Thank you Steph! Seriously blushing… 😉 Glad you liked it! Thanks for letting me join the ‘club’! 😀

    • says

      You are so sweet Anne! Thank you! I don’t have plans right now to make more, but I could definitely do different ones in the future! :)

  1. Paul @ Padorec says

    I love these so much. I’ll be keeping a small handful of these, as I always have more than one book going at one time, and these are so secure, they are nearly impossible to lose from the book!

    One quick tip – I added a final step that I actually like with these. At the end of your instructions, you are left with two tabs hanging down – you can make an even cleaner triangle by folding these two tabs into the main body – you can still use it as a bookmark easily, and when you are not using it, the bookmark stands up like a little hat :)

  2. Mandy says

    Hi! I really like the looks of these bookmarks and want to make them. However, when I try to download them to print, all I get is a picture of all 8. Can you help by telling me how to download each bookmark individually? Thanks!

      • says

        Thanks Farhana for responding to Mandy! Sorry I wasn’t so clear on how to download them. (facepalm) Glad you all like them! xoxo

  3. Serena Adele says

    Love these… So done using pieces of scrap paper :-) Do you have any more plans to post more book quote templates?


  4. Josh says

    Whoa! Just found this post whilst searching for do-it-yourself bookmark for a book I’m reading. Thanks a lot! I really enjoyed making some.

  5. Christine says

    I am having a Grand Opening for my Little Free Library on July 15, 2014 and plan on using your bookmarks as a giveaway!
    Thanks for your amazing idea of using book quotes, love it! I know the bookmarks will make reading more fun when they borrow a book. Thank you.