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I am always looking for fun ways to keep my kid’s attention while watching General Conference. I’ve been using the free printable General Conference Activity Packet for the past couple years, and my kids still really love it. But last year I added another idea to my General Conference Activities repertoire- I call it “Conference Cash” and here is how it works!

I set up a little “shop” on the table in the family room. The shop has treats and small items from the dollar store, like notepads, crayons, candy etc.

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Before conference starts, I give each of my kids $2 in Conference Cash. If they sit quietly during the speakers, they can earn more. If they are rowdy, fighting or not paying attention, they lose their conference cash. At the end of each talk, we pause conference and I ask them each questions about who spoke and what topic they spoke on. They can earn more Conference Cash if they are able to answer my questions. Before we start the TV again, they get a trip to the “store” where they can purchase whatever they have money for.

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My kids absolutely LOVED this idea, and I’ve actually never seen them pay such close attention and be so quiet while conference was on- it was fabulous!

Here is a free download of the  Conference Cash I made- feel free to use it if you’d like! :) It is black and white, so you’ll just need to print it on the color paper of your choice.


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  1. says

    FANTASTIC! And thank you soooooooo much for making the printable B&W. Anxious to try it this year! Do you let your kids play with their ‘stuff’ from the store as long as they are listening? Just curious! I grew up watching Conference @ the Stake Center so I still struggle keeping it ‘reverent’ at home! 😉

  2. Alana says

    Thanks for the printable! I think we might have to try it this year. I like that the reward doesn’t interrupt conference (like the pennies or candies for hearing certain words).

  3. Roo says

    This is such a cute idea! I wanted to let you know, though, that when I viewed the site on my phone, a very s3xual ad came up. I’m not sure if you have any influence on your ads, but if you do, be sure to get that one outta here!

    Great blog. Keep it up!


  4. Lisa Thompson says

    Thanks for sharing this post! It’s such a fun idea. I have everything ready to try this out and am so looking forward to enjoying Conference this year :)

  5. Shannon says

    THANK YOU for sharing your talents!!! This is for sure going to become a tradition in our home. THANK YOU for sharing!!!!!

  6. Heather says

    i LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE This idea!!
    How did you break the bills for the items that were .25? Did you have enough .25 items for them to buy 1.00 worth?

    • Stephanie says

      Thanks Heather! And I had a lot of stuff worth different amounts less than a dollar, so they just chose a bunch of items that equaled a dollar. Not only a spiritual activity, it was also a math lesson- ha ha ha! :) Thanks for stopping by!

    • Stephanie says

      Well we start it live right when conference starts, but we use our DVR to pause it after each speaker, so we usually finish 10-15 minutes after it actually ends.

  7. Tahnee says

    WONDERFUL idea!!! Thanks for sharing. Target’s Dollar Spot would be a great place for goodies too!!
    -Tahnee @

  8. says

    Honestly….I LOVE this idea! Can I tell you a secret? My kids don’t watch conference…..*gasp*. I know. We usually start it as a family thing, but after 5 minutes it is easier to send them downstairs and watch it without them. I think they might actually watch if I try something like this. You can totally customize the “store” to your kids favorite things. Not only is this a great idea for conference, but you could use a similar type of reward system for lots of other things….chores, homework, behavior. Thanks for sharing this idea!

    • Stephanie says

      I love your honesty Haley! :) I don’t know of any kid who sits and watches conference from start to finish- heck, it’s hard enough getting them to sit through Sacrament meeting! But this idea has been the biggest help and they actually pay more attention than ever before! Now I just need to think of something to keep my husband awake……….

  9. Kylee says

    I love this! How old are your kids? My oldest is 8 so I know it is defiantly do-able for her but the youngest are 4 and 5. I will be printing coloring pages for them, but don’t know how long they will be able sit for. Any tips for the little ones would be great. This will be the first conference our oldest will be really be involved also. Thanks!

    • Stephanie says

      My kids are 11, 7,6,2 and 4 months. We’ve been doing this for a couple years with my 3 oldest, so it even worked with a 3 or 4 year old, though the questions I asked were obviously a lot easier than the ones I asked my older son. And they still wanted to get up and play as they got bored, but this incentive helped better than any other game or method I’ve tried!

  10. Kristen says

    I love this idea! And my kids are really excited for it. But I was wondering what you do with all the leftover stuff that doesn’t get bought up by your kids. Do you just save it for next conference?

  11. Tami says

    THANK YOU for this template of Conference Cash. We LOVE Conference Cash! My kids look forward to earning Conference Cash and cashing it in for treats and privileges like video game time or getting out of chores! It’s a great way to get my kids to watch conference!

  12. says

    Stephanie! I loved this SOOO much! Seriously, I’m so grateful you posted this. The past few years, I had a variety of candies out for the kids to grab when each word was spoken, but we are trying to reduce candy in our home. I saw this, bought a ton of stuff at Target yesterday for our store, and it was SO worth it! My kids (13, 11, and 9) were encouraged to take notes and they’d get a “cash” per comment to me. I said it had to be meaningful, and we just talked for nearly a full hour on all of the insights they heard, and we expounded on various topics. I’m SOOO excited, and I felt the spirit even more powerfully as we discussed the points they just heard. Thank you for sharing, it blessed our family and I can’t wait to discuss with them the next few sessions!!

    • Stephanie says

      You’re so sweet Kristen! Thanks for your comments- I am so glad this idea has worked so well for you and your family! xoxo

  13. Tanya says

    Wow, this was so amazing! My kids ages 12, 9, 6, 4, 1.5 have never watched, been interested in and even groan when they see Conference come on. We also had the spirit so strong in our house and it was peaceful. Most of them listened quite intently and for the four year old I would ask what color was their tie or something like that. They all knew who was speaking, their hair color, tie color, topics, etc… It was truly amazing. I tried to get useful things, markers, crafts that came in multiples – which they worked on while listening, loom bands. I kind of feel like I overspent, but the outcome was so worth it. I had items up to $30 but gave out about $5-$6 to each child for questions after each talk, for singing, etc. You just have to experiment and make it your own. Kids loved it and said, this was so much fun, can we do this next time?

    I am now using this idea to get them to practice for softball/baseball. Baseball bucks!

  14. Kristen says

    I’m not technosaavy so could you tell me where the actual link is to print out the dollars on here? Thanks.

  15. Heather says

    I am wondering if you have a suggestion of how to make the questions after each talk work if we are watching conference live and don’t have a dvr? I really love this idea and your sharing it! Thank you so much!!!

  16. Kristy says

    We did this this past Oct and the kids loved it. They are so excited for conference this weekend knowing we are doing it again. Thank you for sharing.

    Heather- We did the questions during the songs so we weren’t missing any of the talks. I love the music and hate interrupting it but I felt it was the only way we could do it.

  17. Josie says

    Thank You so much for this great idea and the free printable! I have used your idea for the past 2 conferences and just came back today to print some more conference cash for my kids. This has changed conference for our family, works like a charm for my kids to sit quietly and makes it so I can actually listen a bit! THANK YOU!!!

  18. Callie says

    Just printed of my “Conference Cash” today! Thanks so much for sharing it. I’m excited to use it next Conference!