The “Mom I’m Bored” Jar

mom im bored

By about the second week of summer, moms all over the world have one thing in common-

we are all sick and tired of the phrase, “Mom, I’m bored!”

My friend told me that every time her son said he was bored, she would give him a baby wipe and pick a room of the house and have him dust all the baseboards in that room! It didn’t take him too long to find something else to do and stop telling his mom he was bored! I decided I needed to come up with something of my own to keep my kids busy, and that is when I created this “Mom I’m Bored” Jar:

(originally featured on Somewhat Simple in June of 2010)

I simply embellished a cookie jar with some ribbon and printed a tag I made on my computer. Then I filled it with some boredom buster activities.

Some of the activities are fun, some of them are not, so before my kids decide to have me entertain them, they really need to decide if its worth it or not!

They might get “Make cookies with Mom”, or they might get “Pull weeds.”

They could get “Play in the sprinklers”, or they could get “Do a chore of Mom’s choice!”

This year I updated this idea because my jar was in definite need of a facelift!

Plus, I made the boredom busters into a printable so you all can download the activities I used and make your own jar!

Bored Jar

I bought a $3 jar from IKEA (or maybe it was $3.99? I can’t remember now!)

I printed the activities onto bright cardstock and added some colorful ribbon.

I also made a fun vinyl decal with the words, “Mom, I’m Bored” on it.

Easy Peasy!

Here are the activities I used. Feel free to print them out and use them if you’d like!


And that’s it!

The perfect Summer Boredom Buster!

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  1. Emma says

    But you need two,

    Mum I’m bored and you’re busy
    Mum I’m bored and we should do something together.

  2. jenn says

    Wondering if I am the only one that can’t make these print? they boxes are printing but no words?

  3. Alice says

    Thank you very much. I am sharing these ideas with my daughters.
    I would love for you to send me the~
    I’m bored Mom

  4. September says

    What font did you use? I love it…and to be able to make up my own things…fun!!!

    • Stephanie says

      Thanks- that font is one of my favorites too! It is called CAC Pinafore, and I could’ve sworn I got it from, but it has been years and I don’t see it on there anymore. I am sure there are other font websites that carry it- good luck!

  5. says

    I really thought that by the teens years, I would be free of the “I’m boreds” ~ turns out, I was wrong! I love the idea of adding a few chores in there…gets the kids to start thinking independently about managing their own time, before they come to you! Going to make it for sure, teen ideas already flooding my brain! Thanks!

  6. Evelyn says

    Another idea for this could be putting a small metal ring or magnet on each idea in the jar and, if the jar is large enough, the kids have to go fishing for what to do!

  7. says

    This jar is a great idea and I’m adapting it for our summer camp program. Every so often the schedule has a lapse and now the children can pick what to do. It should make more fun!

  8. chany says

    Hi I would like to sign up for ur newsletter and free printable I have two daughters and one on a son ok n the way and love ur ideas.

  9. Alaina says

    OMG Thank you so much for sharing the idea and for sharing your “idea cards”… It’s a great idea and I can’t wait to try it this summer!!