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Snacks for Your Kid’s Sports Team


Here is a fun way to bring snacks for your kids sports team to make each player feel extra special!

I should start by saying that I don’t usually go all out for snacks at games, but I came up with this idea to solve an issue I’ve had since I became a mom with kids in organized sports- when siblings of teammates take all the snacks!

Please tell me I am not the only one who gets annoyed when the siblings of my child’s teammates swarm over to the snack mom to get their hands on goodies of their own?

I get annoyed because I feel bad not having enough for everyone.

No matter how many extra snacks I bring, there is always the one shy little sibling who slowly makes their way through the crowd with the hopes of getting her own package of Oreos and I have to turn her away because I don’t have any more left.

It isn’t fair!

My motto is “If there isn’t enough for everyone, then no one gets any!”  (Except the team, of course.)

So this idea of labeling each bag with individual names not only ensures that each teammate gets a snack, but it also gives me an excuse not to hand out snacks to kids who didn’t play in the game.

And it looks cute- {brownie points.}

Here is how I made these:

I used the following supplies- Brown paper lunch sacks, scissors, tulle, 1″ hold punch, decorative masking tape, paint marker & snacks

1. Fold your bag over. Since I was using a 1″ circle punch, I folded it a little more than an inch.

2. Punch a hole at the top in the center of the flap.

3. Write the name of one of the teammates.

4. Embellish it with a bit of Designer Masking Tape (or “Washi Tape”).


You can enlist the help of the kids on this step- make an assembly line and get it done!


And you’re done!!!

Here are 2 of my soccer stars- this is the only time they will be on the same team, so we had to take a bunch of pictures! 🙂

And I just noticed Leah is holding Grace’s bag. Not sure why! 🙂

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