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Team Snack Ideas + Printable Tags


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Looking for some fun team snack ideas? Here’s a fun way to make each player feel extra special!

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different colored team snack bag printables spread out on the counter

I should start by saying that I don’t usually go all out for snacks at games, but I came up with this idea to solve an issue I’ve had since I became a mom with kids in organized sports – when siblings of teammates take all the snacks!

I don’t get annoyed when siblings swarm over to the snack mom because I don’t want to share. I get annoyed because I feel bad not having enough for everyone.

No matter how many extra snacks I bring, there is always the one shy little sibling who slowly makes their way through the crowd with the hopes of getting her own package of cookies and I have to turn her away because I don’t have any more left. (It makes me sad!)

My motto is “If there isn’t enough for everyone, then no one gets any!”  (Except the team, of course.) 😉

So this idea of labeling each bag with individual names not only ensures that each teammate gets a snack, but it also gives me an excuse not to hand out snacks to kids who didn’t play in the game.

Is there anything cuter than a cute little baggie of special treats to congratulate little players on a job well done??

Here is how I made these:

Team Snack Bag Ideas


  • Cute paper lunch sacks
  • printable tag (download below)
  • scissors
  • marker / pen
  • stapler
  • after game snacks / drink


  1. Download, print and cut out the printable cards.
  2. Write the names of each player on the cards.
  3. Fill each paper bags with a snack and drink.
  4. Fold the bag over, place a card on the bag in the center, then staple it to secure.
  5. Repeat with each bag
  6. …and you’re done!!!

Snack Bag Printable

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looking down on a these printable tags that can be used for a cute snack bag idea for your child's team.

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