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How to Clean Your House + Printable Cleaning Cards


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Clean your house and make sure no task goes unnoticed! Grab our fun printable cleaning cards to help you stay organized!

We’ve shared deep cleaning tips on how to clean your oven, how to clean your microwave, how to clean your washing machine and so much more! Today we’re going to show you how to organize your chores so everything gets done as often as you want it to! 🙂

pages from this house cleaning printable spread out on the counter with a chore card box laying next to them

I don’t necessarily have a hard time staying on top of my daily and weekly house cleaning chores.  Mostly because we eventually need those dishes that are stacking up in the sink, and my carpet gets gross enough to warrant vacuuming pretty much every day. But I am not so good at the “deep cleaning” chores, or the things that need to be cleaned occasionally, just not every week. So I came up with this system to help get organized and stay on top of all the daunting tasks around the house, no matter how often they need to get done! Here is how it works –

How to Clean Your Whole House


  • file box
  • printable chore cards + dividers, download below
  • cardstock
  • scissors
  • printer
  • pen or marker


  1. Download, print and cut out the dividers and chore cards. The dividers are labeled Quick + Easy, Intermediate, and Extensive:
    • Easy – A small group of chores that can all be done often. Complete one of these chores each week.
    • Intermediate – A bigger group of chores that need to be done less often. Complete one of these each week.
    • Extensive – Big chores that take more time and planning to finish. Complete one of these each month.
  2. Grab your chore cards and write 1 house cleaning chore on each of them + any special directions that need to be noted. Think of aaaaalllllllll the things you would ever need to clean, organize or tidy up in a completely perfect world where time, distractions, (and laziness!) are not an option. (Keep reading to see the list that I came up with to help get you started.) 
  3. Once you have your cards written out, divide them up into those 3 categories and place them in your box.


  • To stay on top of cleaning your house, do 2 weekly easy jobs a week and one harder job per month.
  • After you have done the job, you move it to the back of the section and then do the first one the next time.

a chore card with a notes written on it laying on the counter


  • Wipe front of kitchen cabinets
  • Clean out kitchen cupboards
  • Clean out kitchen garbage can
  • Clean lights
  • Clean vents
  • Wipe baseboards
  • Wash windows inside and out
  • Clean out master bath cabinets
  • Clean out kids bath cabinets
  • Clean fridge inside and out
  • Clean microwave
  • Clean out oven
  • Clean out garage
  • Clean out garage Freezer
  • Mope behind fridge and under oven
  • Wash light switches
  • Clean lamps
  • Clean planter shelves
  • Sanitize remote controls and phones
  • Clean kitchen blinds
  • Clean family room blinds
  • Clean bedroom blinds
  • Under kitchen sink
  • Microwave
  • Wash walls
  • Vacuum under couch and cushions
  • Move furniture in rooms and vacuum under
  • Vacuum out window sills
  • Base boards (wash and vacuum them)
  • Flip mattresses over
  • Washer and dryer
  • Wash doors, frames and handles
  • Wash shower curtain, clean rod and hooks
  • Clean out car
  • Computer keys, monitor, and printer
  • Organize and type up new recipes
  • Dust/wipe artificial plants
  • Dust curtain rods, clean curtains
  • Clean out junk drawer in kitchen
  • Sanitize toys

I am realizing that the easy jobs are SO easy and I am wondering why I didn’t do them more often. (They are also good for kids to help with!)

The big house cleaning jobs – cleaning out the garage or cleaning the blinds –  I still dread, but at least I am getting them done and I don’t keep putting them off!  (Last week, I got my husband to help me with the garage. It was so nice!)

House Cleaning Cards Printable

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Happy Cleaning!

several pages of cleaning note cards from this printable spread out on the counter

. . . . .

ABOUT THE AUTHORS: Hi Somewhat Simple Readers! We are Alish & Whitney from Sisters’ Stuff. We share creative ideas for managing your home plus some crafty projects too! Stop by and say “hi!” 

This post originally published on Somewhat Simple in May 2010.

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