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Colored Pasta Bracelet


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Are you looking for some fun art projects to do with your kids when they’re not in school? These colored pasta bracelets are simple, fun and kids LOVE to make them!!

Doing fun activities with my kids is a great way to spend time together.  Some of the other fun things we’ve made is this easy Slime Recipe, Homemade Playdough and these adorable Ribbon Wands.

there colored pasta bracelets laying on a table

Pasta Art Project

I used to make Colored Pasta Bracelets with my preschool class all the time. This is just one of those easy activities that isn’t messy that the kids always enjoyed. Also, this art project is super cheap and requires only a few basic supplies that you probably already have on-hand! (BONUS!) 

Here is a simple video tutorial showing you just how easy these are to make!

Colored Pasta Bracelet Craft Project

Supplies Needed

  • Dried “tubed” pasta – for this post, I used ditalini, but I have used rigatoni, macaroni, penne, and pasta wheels.
  • Food coloring
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Plastic bags
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Scissors
  • Paper towels
  • Cookie sheet

thousands of colored pieces of pasta

How to Color Pasta

  1. Place a desired amount of dried pasta noodles into a Ziplock baggie.
  2. Drop 2-5 drops of food coloring and about 1 tablespoon of rubbing alcohol into the bag with pasta. Seal the bag and then start shaking it so that the food coloring coats each piece of pasta.
  3. Lay some paper towels on top of a cookie sheet, then dump your bag of colored pasta onto the paper towels.
  4. Repeat with all the colors you want to use.
  5. Let the pasta air dry completely. The last thing you want is to have little fingers and hands stained by a bunch of wet food coloring! I usually color my pasta the day or night before I plan to make these with the kids, but it doesn’t take that long for the pasta to dry completely.

How To Make A Pasta Bracelet

  1. Once your pasta has dried, string it onto a pipe cleaner in the pattern of your choice. 
  2. Twist together the ends of your pipe cleaner a few times to secure it around your child’s wrist, then trim the excess with your scissors.
  3. …and you’re done!

a cute blonde woman with her two children each wearing a colored pasta bracelet

a close up of three colored pasta bracelets

Have fun!

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