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DIY Redneck Wine Glass With Mason Jars


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Got some Mason Jars lying around? We’ve got the perfect project for you! Make your own Redneck Wine Glass with just a few simple items, and you’ll have the perfect conversation piece at your next party!

Redneck Wine Glass With Mason Jars

Redneck Wine Glass

Years ago, I saw some Red Neck Wine Glasses at a gift shop and I thought, “I could totally make that!” I already have like 4,867 Mason Jars lying around that could be used for something other than collecting dust! And the “stems” on these wine glasses are candlesticks I bought at the dollar store. So these are not only fun and easy, they are affordable too!

Not only would these be perfect at a party or gathering, but I also have several people in mind who would LOVE to receive a Redneck Wine Glass as a gift this holiday season – aren’t they so fun?!

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How to make a Redneck Wine Glass


  • Mason Jars
  • Glass candle stick
  • Super glue


  1. Wash and dry your Mason Jars and candlesticks thoroughly.
  2. Apply a small amount of glue all around the top of your candlestick.
  3. Place the Mason Jar on top, and let sit to dry.
  4. Once dry, you can wrap your Redneck Wine Glass as a gift, or store in your cupboard to use when you have guests!

It seriously doesn’t get any easier than that! And I love that these are hilarious, but classy. (Wait. Is that even possible?) 😉

They make a really great conversation piece, whether you’re gifting them, or using them at your next dinner get-together. Even the kids got a kick out of them!

Redneck Wine Glasses With Mason Jars

And yes, just for the record, they’re called Redneck Wine Glasses, but we’ll be serving all of our favorite non-alcoholic beverages in these bad boys. Especially our favorite mocktails that we’ve been enjoying lately!

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