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Easter Bunny Treat Bag Toppers


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With these Easter Bunny Treat Bag Toppers, everything is right in the world again!

Aren’t these cutest little Easter printables you’ve ever seen?!?

I love how simple these are to make, but they totally add a huge impact to the holiday fun! Anything that doesn’t require me pulling out my hair is a win in my book. 😉

You could, of course, just put these cute things right onto small bags of candy and forgo the cellophane bags. But I’ll show you how to reach maximum adorablenessin the simple tutorial below-

Easter Bunny Treat Bag Toppers



  • printable toppers (download below)
  • small cellophane bags (mine were approx. 3×5″)
  • 5×5″ pieces of tissue paper
  •  clothespins
  • Easter colored candy



  1. Print and cut out the bunny printables. (They come in white, pink and gray, so pick your favorite or use all three!)
  2. Fill your bags about 1/2 way full.
  3. Accordion fold your tissue paper, pinch in the middle, and twist.
  4. You can glue your tissue paper to the clothespin, but I didn’t. I think it would be easier to assemble if you did this step. But you don’t HAVE to.
  5. You can glue the toppers onto the clothespins, or you can just tape them on, either way works!

your done

It’s ok to swoon over your creations. We won’t judge.

Wouldn’t these Easter Bunny Treat Bag Toppers be the perfect addition to your Easter Festivities? You can give them as gifts, use them as party favors, place settings, invites, etc! The list is endless!

easter bunny treat bags


This post originally published in May 2016.

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