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How To Save Money – Printable Budget Planner


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Track your spending, pay your bills, and grow your savings with our printable budget planner! 8 savvy spreadsheets to get your finances organized and back on track!

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I literally just turned to my husband and said, “I don’t even know what to say about this planner because I am horrible when it comes to budgeting and saving money!” He laughed at me and said, “I know. Budgeting is definitely not your strong suit!”

I should make him write this post. 

But now you can probably see why we created this printable budget planner. 🙂

I want to take a more active roll in our family finances. I want to be better at budgeting, paying bills and tracking financial records. Chances are if you’re still reading this, you want to do better too, so let’s do this together and prove to our husbands people that we can take control of our finances!

Printable Budget Planner

This budget planner was designed to show you where your money is going and how you can cut back and increase your savings. It comes with 1 cover and 8 worksheets to help you set up your budget and easily track your income and expenses. Here is what is included –

  • expense tracker – 2 different sheets to help track all your spending. 1 is a running list, 1 is organized by categories.
  • debt and loan payoff – 2 different designs to track your debts + progress.
  • monthly bill tracker
  • monthly budget – to keep you on track!
  • projects + events savings chart
  • vacation budget planner

Ready to make your own?

Download the file, print it from your home, then put everything in a binder to keep it safe and look amazing!


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