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Magnetic Chore Chart + Printables


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This easy tutorial will show you how to make a darling magnetic chore chart for kids in a snap!  Using these printables you can make your own DIY chore magnets so your kids will know what to do.

a magnetic chore chart for kids with colorful DIY magnets you can make with these printables

Kids Can Clean

I believe children should learn how to help out around the house, but sometimes that’s harder for the younger kids who can’t read. So I thought I would show how to make a super-cool magnetic chore chart that happens to be pretty as well. (That way you can hang it anywhere in your house and not have it be an eyesore!)

Chore Chart Supplies

How To Make A Magnetic Chore Chart

Step 1 – First, print off our chore chart icons.  You can print them off on regular paper or sticker paper.

a chore magnet printable next to a magnet board, glue and a hole punch

Step 2 – Then, using your 1″ circle punch, punch out all the chores you need for your home. If you don’t have a circle punch, do whatever you can to either buy or borrow one. Trust me, your life will be so much easier if you have one for this!  If you didn’t print off on sticker paper, glue the chore icons onto the magnets.

chore magnets scattered all over the counter

Step 3 – Using a ruler, mark your lines on the magnet board with your marker.

a white magnet board with a ruler and a marker laying on top of it

Step 4 – Place your chore magnets on the chore chart, hang it a spot that everyone can see or reach, and watch as your children get their chores done way more effectively!

a kids chore chart with colorful chore magnets on it

The Perfect Family Chore Chart!

You can have one magnetic chore chart for each child (like these smaller ones) or a a large one for everyone, or you can even separate the board like this:

a kids chore chart that is divided into sections for multiple kids with their respective magnets in their section

My OCD likes to keep things in order, so I opted for keeping everything in a color pattern, and the kids just know which ones are theirs now.

a close up of brightly colored magnets that are being used for kids' chores

I love how this turned out! It’s colorful, but still has a hint of glam. I can have this out in an open area without it being an eyesore, but it’s still colorful enough to look great in any kid’s space!  I think eventfully I’ll color the edges of the magnets gold with my gold permanent marker. Because I’m a little ridiculous like that. 😉

More Charts For Kids

Chore Charts For Kids Printable

So there you have it. Hope your kiddos don’t get mad at me for the chore chart 😉 Are you ready to make your own magnetic chore chart? All you need is a quick visit to the store, and a few minutes to punch out and assemble your chore magnets!

Click here to download your own Printable Chore Chart icons!

a collage of a DIY magnetic chore cart for kids

This post originally published on Somewhat Simple in May 2010, and was updated in 2017.

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