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Chore Charts for Kids


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In an effort to help control the mess and to keep their productivity level up, I designed these chore charts for kids that parents can print and change as often as they need to!

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printable colored chore charts for kids

Printable Chore Lists That Work

I have found that itemizing chores for younger kids can really make cleaning more fun. If I have a chart with only 3 things for my kids to do every day, their chores get boring a lot faster. And that means they don’t finish entire tasks, and then chore charts become useless. With a big list of small tasks, children have more to mark off and they are motivated and also encouraged as they see progress.

With this in mind, I made a chart where I could list everything they need to get done every day. And rather than writing clean your room, I list all the tasks that need to be done in their room: make your bed, pick up your toys, put your laundry away, etc. All of their chores are organized into 4 categories – hygiene, bedroom, home, and misc. These chore charts have been so successful in my home every summer for YEARS, I thought I’d share them with you too!

I have a couple of different design options for you to choose from-

printable chore list for kids

The pink and green chore charts are a little more juvenile and great for younger kids….

chore chart downloadable chore charts for kids

While the turquoise and gray are perfect for teenagers! All 4 designs come in 1 file, so download once for access to all of them!

Printable Chore Charts For Kids



  1. First. download and print the chore chart for kids.
  2. Then, fill out the chores you’d like your kids to complete.
  3. Next, laminate each chart, or place it in a plastic sheet protector.
  4. Lastly, display the chart where your kids can access it. Then, let them mark off their completed tasks each day with a dry erase marker.

And that’s it!

So simple, your house is going to be tidy in no time!

Click HERE to download these Chore Charts today!!!

More Printable Incentive Charts

different colored chore charts for kids

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