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Printable Chore Charts – Summer Chores for Kids


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Colorful summer printable chore charts are a darling way to help your kids remember to do their chores at the beginning of the day!

summer chore charts for kids

Has summer made your kids a little forgetful about helping out around the house?

This has definitely happened around here.

My kids roll out of bed and turn on the TV without getting dressed or brushing their teeth. And as soon as the TV comes on for the day, the house becomes so lazy – nothing else gets done!

An occasional lazy day in PJ’s here and there is alright with me, but our summer was literally turning into a daily pajama party! (Plus the kids wouldn’t eat breakfast ’til almost lunch time and that threw our schedule way off.)

ENTER- Family Chore Chart System

I made these chore charts as a reminder of what needed to be done before playing with friends or turning on that TV. (And so far it’s working beautifully!)

If you’re looking for a solution to messy, lazy days of summer, you’re in luck! These chore charts were made with all families in mind! We left them blank so you can customize them to your liking!

kids chore chart


  1. First, you’ll need to print off whichever color summer chore charts your children pick (download below).
  2. Fill out their sheets, OR, if you want to save on printer ink, place in a 8×10 picture frame and use a dry erase marker to fill in their assigned chores.
  3. That’s it!

We hope this chore chart for kids helps create a little bit of order to the craziness of summer. Finally. 😉

Click Here to Download Our Summer Chore Charts For Kids.compressed

(Includes all 4 color options)


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We originally published this idea in July 2009 but we updated it with printables and new images in 2017.

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