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Make Your Own Bug Catcher


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make your own bug catcher

This month Lowe’s challenged their creative network to create something with the theme “DIY Camping” in mind. The first thing I thought of was son’s love of finding and catching bugs, so the idea I came up with is an EASY way to make your own bug catcher.


I bought all the following supplies at Lowes: Hammer, nails, rope, screen netting (found in the window screen aisle) and 3 rectangle stair moldings.

{Not shown: Hot Glue Gun}

You will also need Rick Rack, Scissors & Sticky Back Velcro

*Variation: If you don’t have a lot of Velcro, or you run out on your 3rd one like I did, a staple gun also works great- just be sure to leave an opening to let the bugs in and out.


1. Add Velcro to the entire outside rims of your 3 blocks AND to the side of the block where they meet so they can stick together.

2. Cut a piece of the screen to fit the outside of the bug catcher. Add the other side of your Velcro to the edges of the screen so they can stick to the Velcro on the wood.

3. Once you have the basic bug catcher formed, it is time to make it cute (and cover up the sticky side of the Velcro that is felt through the outside of your screen. I added some Rick Rack around the entire border with my hot glue gun and called it good. I think it looks super cute, and it doesn’t get any easier than that!

4. Now you need to add your handle. Take some rope and leave some hanging off the edge. Start a nail through your rope, but before you hammer it all the way, tie your rope in a knot. You can burn the edges of your rope to keep them from fraying.

Once your handle is on, you are finished!!!

See how easy it is to put together and open and close it? Velcro is awesome!

how to make your own bug catcher 1

While I was still finishing my oldest son’s bug catcher, I snapped this picture of Leah in the backyard, already having so much fun with hers!

She told me she didn’t want to touch any bugs, so she made a line of string cheese bits and was hoping to trick some bugs into following the cheese into her bug catcher! Cute kid!

We took these bug catchers on our camping trip last weekend, and Ethan put it to some good use! He spent the majority of our down time chasing beetles and lizards!

. . . . .

What are some fun ways you are making memories outside this summer? I’d love to hear from you!

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