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Open When Letters


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These open when letters are a fun + creative way to let your sweetheart know how much you love them, even when you’re not around to tell them yourself! You’ll have just as much fun putting this together as your significant other will be opening them!

looking down on several brightly colored cards and envelopes that are included in this open when letter printable pack

Open When Cards

Have you ever wanted to give a gift, or write a love note, but weren’t sure how to start? Or you keep coming up with the same thing, and are looking for a little diversity in how you show your love? This darling open when letter printable pack is here to help! 

You guys. I can’t get over how darling this turned out! It is literally chalk full of color + creativity! It is perfect for those who have spouses serving our country oversees, or those who are traveling a lot on business… these truly make a darling gift for those long distance relationships!

But it doesn’t have to be just for your spouse! Some of these letters would be perfect for kids away at college, or a family member (mom, dad, sibling, grandparent, etc) or friend who might be going through a rough time. These cards are truly a fantastic gift to anyone! Yes, some portions of it are definitely just for couples, but everything in this kit is easily customizable to fit any situation.

How To Make Open When Letters

Here’s a quick Valentine’s video we put together showing this fun kit up close and personal –

Open When Card Supplies:



  1. Print off our darling Open When Letters kit (remember to print off the last 2 card pages twice).
  2. Cut out all the cards, tags, etc. using scissors or a paper cutter. We recommend cutting out the kiss emoji’s with a 1″ circle punch (TONS easier).
  3. Fill out the love note cards, the Memory Lane and A to Z pages.
  4. Assemble everything and place in their envelopes, or if you’d like, small boxes for the bulkier gift letters.
  5. Put everything into a larger box and send to that special someone!

envelopes fanned out on top of a counter. The top card is red and says open me first

What’s In The Open When Letter Pack

  • 14 Envelope labels that announce “when” to open your fun DIY love letter cards and gifts.
  • 14 Cute coordinating love note cards to capture a message – make it saucy for your sweetheart, or keep it tame for mom. 😉
  • Extra printable elements to make your Love Letter just that much more special and fun! These are definitely something the recipient will never forget!

Each love note includes a theme and coordinating insert (which you can totally customize if you’re giving it to someone besides a spouse!) that’s wrapped up in one beautiful, printable bundle.

a light blue letter template and envelope with an open when topic written on it laying on the counter

Open When Letter Ideas

Here are some of the topics we came up with for times when your loved one would want to open one of their cards. Here are a few we came up with or you can create your own.

  • Open when you can’t sleep
  • Open when you’re feeling upset
  • Open when you’re feeling happy
  • Open when you miss me
  • Open when you need a hug

red colored cards, notes and envelopes with kissing emojis and Hershey's kisses laying on the counter

an open when topic card that is predominately an orange color

an idea from this open when letter printable that has a yellow theme

an open when idea that has several brightly colored cards scattered over an envelope with a tube of chapstick attached to one of the cards

Other Printable Gift Ideas

a letter with an envelope and several red swedish fish scattered on the counter

a purple themed open when card laying on the counter with several Hershey kisses and starbursts scattered around them

a page from this open when letter printable kit, along with it's card and envelope laying on a counter with a bag of candy next to it

I really love this open when topic idea – what a darling way to record your story!

Here’s some ideas if you want to use little boxes to hold some of the bulkier gifts:

a dark blue card with a white envelope next to a white box laying on its side with Hershey's hugs spilling from the top

a white box laying on its side with Swedish fish spilling from the top. Next to the box one of the open when cards with its corresponding card, letter and some bakers twine

Aren’t those milk container boxes adorable? (I bought them online forever ago, so if someone can shout out another place to get these, I’d be ever so grateful!) They’re definitely on the larger side, so if you’re mailing this, these might not be the best option – go for something smaller, or stick with the envelopes. 🙂

looking down on all of the cards and letters included in this kit as well as several bags and boxes of candy that you can include with each one

Open When Letters Printable

Could you imagine getting a box like this on your doorstep or in the mail when you’re feeling lonely, frustrated, or far away from home?! You now have the opportunity to be there for anyone, just when they need you! Whether it be a far away place, or just a rough time in life.


Any other clever ideas on how to use this darling open when letters kit? Let us know in the comments! And we’d love to see what you create – tag us on social media! xoxo

a two picture collage of all the brightly colored items that are included in this open when love letters printable kit

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