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Creative Tooth Fairy Ideas + Excuses Why the Tooth Fairy Forgot!


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15 creative tooth fairy ideas + 5 clever excuses why the Tooth Fairy forgot to come!

20 Tooth Fairy Ideas

I had to have a pretty crazy oral surgery today- does anyone want to be me right now?

I tried hard to keep my eyes shut and think happy thoughts the whole time, but wouldn’t you know I got an assistant in training so the Dr. was narrating the entire procedure!!! Hearing things like, “I’m going to have to cut a bigger flap” and “Suction that piece of tissue there” was not easy to tune out!!!

So since I have “teeth” on my brain right now, I thought it was about time I shared this list I compiled MONTHS ago of fun tooth fairy ideas. (Much better than featuring pictures of mouths, right?) 🙂

Tooth Fairy Ideas

20 Tooth Fairy Ideas

1 || This tooth fairy letter set is a great way to celebrate the first, second or last lost tooth!

2 || Tooth Bunnies from Inchmark.

Tooth Fairy Ideas

3 || This might be the cutest Toothy tradition ever! Color the glass of water after your child falls asleep, leave glitter on the floor etc. All the details are darling! From How Does She.

4 || Girly tooth pillow from MMMCrafts.

20 Tooth Fairy Ideas

5 || Printable Letters, from Anders Ruff.

6 || Glitter and Money Balloons, from Sugar and Charm.

20 Tooth Fairy Ideas

7 || These teeny wooden fairy boxes from Stubby Pencil Studio are what I have, and I love them!

8 || Make a Fairy Door, from Smart Bottom Enterprises.

20 Tooth Fairy Ideas

9 || Tiny Letters from The Tooth Fairy, from We Have Kids.

10 || Felt Tooth Pillow from Martha.

20 Tooth Fairy Ideas

11 || How to best document a toothless grin, from Simple As That.

12 || Printable Fairy Check, from Mom4Real.

20 Tooth Fairy Ideas

13 || Tooth Box, from Little Red Window.

14 || Tooth Receipt, from Capturing Joy.

Tooth Fairy Ideas

15 || Tooth Pouch, from Purlbee

Excuses to Use When the Tooth Fairy Forgets

If your tooth fairy is like ours and forgets to come all the time on occasion, here are some excuses you can use to buy her some more time!

  1. The Tooth Fairy was on vacation. Just like all jobs, she is entitled to a few vacation days a year, right?
  2. Your bedroom was too messy. She said she will try coming back as soon as things are neat and tidy. 🙂
  3. You went to bed too late. She had to wait and wait and wait for you to be in bed and fall asleep, but it put her behind schedule and she couldn’t wait any longer. She’ll come back tonight at 9pm, so make sure you’re in bed by then!
  4. She was SUUUUPER Busy. A lot of kids lost their tooth yesterday and she couldn’t get to all the homes in one night.
  5. Your tooth came out early! According to her schedule, your tooth wasn’t supposed to come out for another day, so she was planning to come tonight!

*This post originally published in March of 2012 and was updated in February 2018. My mouth has had 6 years to heal from the oral surgery mentioned above, and things are back to normal again… just in case you were wondering! 🙂

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