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Tire Recycling – 10 Amazing DIY Tire Projects


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Old tires can be a nightmare to recycle, but have no fear! Here are 10 tire recycling ideas that will give your old tires new life and make them look amazing! 

tire recycling

Getting Rid of Old Tires

When we had the tires replaced on my car last year, I was given the option of taking my old tires home, or leaving them at the shop to be recycled.

My first thought was, “What do I need 4 used tires for?”

…but then I thought,

“What could I use 4 tires to make?”

And that is when I did a little digging on Pinterest!

When you get your new tires, keep a tire or two and get creative with it! Need some inspiration? We’ve got you covered! I came up with 12 projects using old tires and I’ve compiled them all in a pretty list below. Here are 12 things to do with an old tire:

12 Tire Recycling Ideas

how to recycle tires

1. Wrap an old tire in rope and turn it into a gorgeous planter, via Addicted to DIY

2. Make old tires into planter stools, via Bob Villa.

tire seesaw

3. Make a Tire Totter, via Signus.

what to do with an old tire

4.  Use tires as seating for your next outdoor party, via Pinterest.

5. Recycle a Tire to Make a Dog Bed, via Practically Functional.

tire recycling

6. Make a Tire Planter, via DIY Show Off. (This one is my very favorite idea – isn’t it so pretty???)

tire project

7. Use a tire as a toy shelf, via Spaceships and Laserbeams

8. Make a Colorful Tire Garden, via Lemon Bean and Things

tire recycle

9. Make an ottoman with some rope and an old tire,  via This Old House

old tire projects

10. Make a Tire Sandbox, via I Heart Naptime

11. Make a Side Table, via While They Snooze

what to do with old tires

12. Make a fun seating area in a reading nook using old tires || via Grillo Designs

recycled tire projects

There you go! 12 Ways to Recycle an Old Tire!

Do you have a favorite idea of getting rid of old tires? Leave us a comment below – we’d love to hear from you!

Here are a few more recycling projects we think you’ll love!

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