Six Date Ideas for Busy Parents

Between work, kids, housekeeping and other errands, it can be difficult to find time to be alone with your spouse. But keeping the romance alive is an important part of maintaining your relationship. Here Six Date Ideas for Busy Parents to help you make the most of the brief time you have alone together.

movie night
1. Stay in for a movie night – Plan a night in with one of your favorite movies. Or, surprise your spouse by renting the first movie you saw together when you were dating. Order a pizza or get take-out from your favorite restaurant, get into some comfortable clothes and relax on the couch after the kids are asleep.
2. Sneak out on a lunch date – Consider scheduling a day off work together, or escape during your lunch hour to go on a lunch date while the kids are at school. Lunch dates are usually less expensive than dinner, and they’re a great way to fit some quality time into your busy schedule.
3. Go for a joy ride – Sometimes it’s nice to drive though scenic parts of town with no particular destination in mind.

Couple Holding Shopping Bags- Isolated
4. Shop around – Going to the mall or your favorite retail store can be hectic when you have young children in tow. If you have some time during the day, plan to go shopping with your spouse, and pick up a few things you’ve had your eye on. Splurge on a new tablet computer, pair of shoes or new tool for the garage.
5. Go for a walk – If you live near a park or trailhead, take advantage of the outdoor space and go for a stroll. Even if you live in the city, taking a walk for a couple hours gives you and your spouse a chance to chat in peace, while getting a little exercise in the process.

6. Enjoy a picnic – Another fun date idea that doesn’t cost too much is to plan a picnic. Make a few sandwiches, pack some drinks, and enjoy a picnic on a sunny day.

Planning a date gets more difficult when children become part of the picture, but that doesn’t mean the romance is over. These simple date ideas are the perfect way for busy parents to spend some time alone!

This post is a guest post written by Dale Cooper. Dale has been blogging about financial services, insurance and education for more than three years. He holds a B.A. in English and lives in Cleveland. In his spare time, Dale enjoys cooking and traveling.
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  1. Chuckles says

    Some great ideas, thanks for encouraging parents with kids that they STILL NEED to go on dates! It’s so important to continue to focus on US! I really like the Date Envy app for finding fun and creative ideas. It helps you narrow down what to do by asking questions like cost, weather, activity level, etc…