Teeth Brushing Incentive Chart

My kids think that adding toothpaste to the bristles of a toothbrush and sucking on it ’til it is gone counts as teeth brushing! It is quite the challenge for me to get them to brush good and to brush for longer than 3 seconds, so  I decided to come up with an incentive chart to encourage my kids to brush their teeth twice every day. It has been working out so well, I thought you might want to print one for your kids!

I brushed my teeth


Once printed, you can frame it and use the same copy over and over by using a a dry erase marker on top of the glass.

Do you have any tips or methods of encouragement  to get your kids to brush their teeth? Leave me a comment, I’d love to hear your ideas!

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  1. There is a new Tooth Brushing Chart called Add A Brilliant Smile chart just released on the market at http://www.victoriachartcompany.com. Help make tooth brushing fun!

  2. Thank you for the teeth brushing incentive chart! I posted the pic and linked to this post on my husbands Dental Office Facebook page :)

  3. this chart is really pretty. i love those arrow and squiggly lines.. what font did you use for those?

  4. I like this chart, it is simple and easy! What would be a great incentive and how often should I do incentives? Would candy bars at the end of the week be a good idea? http://www.fourcornersdentalgroup.com/contact