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30 DIY Halloween Costumes


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DIY-costumes-for-kidsIf you’re anything like me, you start thinking about Halloween Costumes about a week before Halloween.  Certainly not far enough ahead to make a large getup or super fancy costume, but you still want to help your kids have the best costumes they could imagine, right?  This is where Pinterest comes in really handy!  Give me Pinterest and about three nap times and I can whip up a pretty mean costume!  To make things easier for YOU, I’ve rounded up 25 amazing DIY Halloween Costumes that can be made in just a few nap times!


Baby Harry Potter  ::  Eonni’s World

No-Sew iPhone Costume  ::  eat.sleep.Make

Monsters Inc. Boo ::  Out Life As The Hodges


Stick Figure  ::  All For The Boys

Peanut MnM’s ::

Sunmaid raisins  ::  Katherine Marie Photography


Candy Boxes  :: MayDae

Kissing Booth  ::  Costume Works

Spaghetti & Meatballs  ::  Costume Works



Crazy Cat Lady  ::  Costume Works

Gumball Machine  ::  Costume Works

Snow Globe  ::  Pinterest



Red Box  ::  Coolest Handmade Costumes

Starbucks Vanilla Latte  ::  Costume Works 

Audrey Hepburn Style  ::  via Etsy



Alice in Wonderland  ::  Misha Lulu

Candy Crush  ::  Alpha Mom

Cabbage Patch Doll  ::  Costume Cuties


Ooompa Loompa  ::

Edward Scissorhands  ::  Instructables

Hansel & Gretel  ::  The Wright Family



Willy Wonka  ::  More Than Words Can Describe

Popcorn Vendor  ::  This Place Is Now A Home

Where The Wild Things Are  ::  Lil’ Sugar


Mary Poppins  ::  A Lovely Lark

Pinterest Board  ::  Parties For Pennies

MouseTrap  ::  Costume Works


Coppertone Girl  ::  A Party Style

Clark Kent ::  Wait Till Your Father Gets Home

Slurpee  ::  Crap I’ve Made

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