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Creative White Elephant Gift Idea – For Adults Only


CONTENT DISCLAIMER: If you’re looking for a creative white elephant gift idea for an adult gift exchange party, this is a great idea you are sure to love. But if reading mature content makes you blush or uncomfortable, or if adult humor is not your thing, you might want to skip this post.

creative white elephant gift idea

Last year for our couple’s Valentine’s Day party, my husband and I asked each couple to bring a white elephant gift. I always LOVE seeing the random items people come up with, and this gift exchange was no exception! The gift Rob and I brought was this a funny framed quote that my brother in law made up – he is definitely the clever one in the family! Take a look:

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funny adult white elephant gift idea

This creative white elephant gift idea was meant to be a total joke, but ended up being the hot item of the night! It was so popular, in fact, I have made several more since the party for friends who were there and wanted one for their own home.

I hesitated posting about this because you never know who is going to be offended or what idea will end up getting trashed on some random message board! But then I thought, “What the heck?!” We definitely had a good laugh, and hopefully (most of you) will too!

If you’re looking for a creative white elephant gift idea that no one else will have, then you’re in luck! We’ve created a printable that is available in our shop! Just download print & frame it and in less than 5 minutes, you’re done!

Click HERE to grab this


This idea originally published on Somewhat Simple in March 2010 but it was updated in December 2016.

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