Make Your Own Superhero Capes for Kids

Want to learn an easy way to make your own superhero capes for kids? I’ll show you!!!

My boys love playing pretend.
I love that they are still at the dress up stage.
Having a super hero cape is a must in my opinion.

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This is simple way for you to make cape for you kids.
I used Felt so that the only sewing you would need to do would be for the Velcro.

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Buy felt by the yard. I bought in 1/2 yard increments because these are capes for smaller kids. If you want a larger cape maybe go for 3/4 yard or 1 yard. I got two capes out of 1/2 yard of fabric. Fold the fabric in half length wise and cut out a cape shape. Mine is 25 inches in length from neckline to the bottom of the cape and 18 inches across at the bottom of the cape. I am making 12 of these for a party and did them in all different colors.
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Then buy sew on Velcro. I cut out rectangle pieces and sewed on the Velcro to the strap part.
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Now, the cape part it done!

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Can you see how happy he is?
Nothing like making something for you kids to get them happy!
I love it.

May 2010 083Now, to get started on decorating the cape. I used the scrapes of felt to do this part. You could also just buy a bunch of different felt squares in the colors that you want. I let the boys decide what they wanted on their capes.  I glued them down using tacky glue.  You could also sew them down if you wanted.

May 2010 175Then you are done!   Fun capes for your kids to plan in.

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  1. says

    Love these! I wish I could sew but sadly …no. This makes me look like a superhero!!!
    I featured it on my blog today. Check it out and let me know what you think!

  2. carole says

    When you say tacky glue can I use regular elmo glue and should stay on? how long will that last to stay on?

  3. Rachelle says

    I love this idea! I am having a super hero party for my boys that are 6 and 7! I wonder if I could do this! How did you get the shape of the cape??

  4. Milagros Arango says

    I love this tutorial thx for sharing! I need to to make about 16 of these how much fabric would you suggest I buy? I am making them all one color just fyi.