Kids’ Craft: Pine Cone Christmas Tree Village Decoration

Hi!  It’s Christine again from I Dig Pinterest, here to share a very simple and oh-so-festive kids’ craft…a Pine Cone Christmas Tree Village.
Whenever we pull out the Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving, my kids always beg me to let them put a few things up in their room.  I usually turn them down because a lot of our decor is breakable or has sentimental value as a family heirloom.  But this time, I wanted them to take part in creating their own Pine Cone Christmas Tree Village to display in the room that they share.  They were so excited when I told them what they’d get to help create.
Pine cones look like cute miniature Christmas trees, so I thought they’d make a perfect model for us to spray paint green and decorate like we do the tree (in much larger form) that adorns our front living room each December.
Have you ever chosen and cut your own Christmas tree?  It’s on my bucket list.  My husband has fond memories of doing it while growing up in his family.  The smell of a fresh pine tree is incredible, isn’t it? Although it’s not much fun to vacuum pine needles every day and string Christmas lights up by hand, at least in my book.  We’ve been too spoiled with our artificial tree.  :)
The idea for this kids’ craft came to me because I was envisioning taking my kids to a Christmas tree farm and letting them choose the perfect tree to cut and bring home.  Ahhh….maybe one of these years.  I think it would really bring some extra Christmas magic into the kids’ hearts.
Pine Cones of all sizes (collect your own or purchase at a craft store)
Red and white mini pom poms for ornaments
Brown and Yellow Craft Paint
Thin Gold Ribbon (or any other color of your choosing)
An oval wooden plaque for the base (I found mine at Hobby Lobby)
Mini Wooden Unpainted Stars
Green Spray Paint
Spray-on Snow
Hot Glue Gun
School Glue


 Let the kids sand and paint the wooden plaque and stars.  Let dry completely.


 Spray paint about 4 pine cones of varying sizes green.  This step requires adult supervision.


 Hot glue the painted pine cones to the painted base.  An adult should do this.


 Using school or hot glue, adhere the stars to the tops of the pine cones.


Next, glue the pom poms to the edges of the pine cone bristles.  Elmer’s glue will work, but if you want to ensure an even sturdier bond, use hot glue.  Get creative and add whatever other “ornaments” you’d like.  Some examples are glitter, small jewels, beads, etc.  We decided to keep it simple.
String gold ribbon around the tree from bottom to top.  Glue on the back if necessary.  Spray lightly with artificial snow and let dry completely.  Be sure to write the year and kiddos’ names underneath, because this one’s a keeper!
Now let the kids set it up in their own room as a hand-made Christmas momentum!

I just love the pretty dusting of snow on the trees.  I’m hoping we’ll have a white Christmas this year.  How about you?  Is there a chance of getting snow where you live?

Happy Holidays!  Be sure to follow I Dig Pinterest for more fun kids’ crafts, tasty recipes, simple DIY home decor, and more!





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    Very cute! I have been trying to think of a cute craft to do with kids on Christmas Day! I will have to give this a try! I will pin it so I don’t forget! lol