Top 10 Ways of Organizing with Bins and Labels


I love being organized! I could spend all day organizing something in my house! Some might classify my need to be organized a sickness, but I can't help how good it feels when I finish organizing something! (I am not claiming to have an immaculate house where everything has a place- I am the first to admit I have piles of "things" and corners of items without a home.) But I have a slight obsession with organizing with bins and labels, so I thought I would post a few organization ideas that … [Read more...]

Update Your Bedroom with Crane and Canopy

designer bedding 7

If you're a regular reader of Somewhat Simple, you probably know I am a huge fan of Crane & Canopy.  They deliver beautiful designer bedding at an affordable price point, so you can update your bedroom with little fuss. The Sutter Ruched Duvet cover I ordered for my master bedroom is so beautiful and soft and comfy. Remember this: I LOVE all the textures on my bed! I recently ordered another duvet cover from Crane & Canopy, this time for our guestroom: This is the Montgomery Beige … [Read more...]

He Shoots, He Scores: Boys Hockey Bedroom

boys hockey room 1

Last year my boys talked me into redecorating their baseball room into a boys hockey bedroom. Hockey is, after all, their very favorite sport and I live in a house with 3 of the biggest LA Kings fans! I began renovations during the playoffs and I'd like to think my hard work and creativity willed the team to their first Stanley Cup victory. It was an exciting time in our house- the boys got a pretty sweet bedroom all while watching their team dominate the NHL! Take a look at the details: I … [Read more...]

DIY Upholstered Headboard

how to upholster a headboard

Hi y'all! Jen, from The House of Wood here, back to share another DIY project with you! This one's an easy one... a DIY upholstered headboard. No sewing required! I've been lusting after upholstered headboards for a good long while now and have fallen in love with so many different kinds, whether they're plain jane, trimmed in nail heads, or tufted. This Pottery Barn Jameson bed looks like it would be a cozy one to cuddle up to, but the $899 price tag leaves me out in the cold. And … [Read more...]

Pillow Talk: 20 Pillow Tutorials

flower 6

Confession: I have a {slight} pillow obsession. If my husband had his way, our bed would have 2 pillows on it- the ones we each sleep on. Our bed has 10, but in my opinion, it would look better with a few more! Pillows add color and character and dimension to a bed, a chair or a sofa, and I just love the way you can change your pillows as often as you want and get a completely new look with hardly any work at all! Here are 20 pillow tutorials that have caught my {obsessive} eye:  Embellished … [Read more...]