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Easy Marshmallow Shooter


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This easy tutorial will show you how to make a marshmallow shooter. This fun DIY activity will keep the kids entertained for hours and it’s so fun, even you may join in!

Whether you’re planning a Summer BBQ, a Birthday Party or just trying to prevent Summer Boredom, these shooters are a fun activity any kid will love!

three diy Marshmallow Shooters standing up on a wood table with multiple piles of tine marshmallows around them

Summer is officially here at my house, and with five crazy (often bored!) kids running around, I need simple ideas to entertain them. These DIY marshmallow shooters definitely fit the bill! Creating them couldn’t be any easier, and they are very affordable too. Best of all, they offer HOURS of entertainment- yay!!!

All you need are a few simple materials and they only take a few minutes to assemble.  Here is how to make them:

More Fun DIY Activities For Kids

Once you’re done making these fun marshmallow shooters, here are a few other DIY activity ideas that my kids love to do.

Items Needed To Make A Marshmallow Shooter

Cake Pop Marshmallow Shooters laying on their sides on a wood table with tiny marshmallows scattered around them

How To Make A Marshmallow Shooter

  1. Tie a knot into the end of an empty balloon.
  2. Cut the balloon in half.
  3. Remove the lid and stick from the cake push pop container.
  4. Place the tied end of the balloon over the cake pop container.
  5. Place the mini marshmallow down into the cake pop container where the stick normally goes.
  6. With one hand on the cake pop container and one hand on the balloon tie, pull back on the balloon tie and quickly let it go, launching the mini marshmallow into the air.

easy marshmallow shooter on a table with marshmallows

How fun are these shooters???  Leave a comment below and tell us what other fun things you did this summer!

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