3 Ingredient Lemon Cookies

3 Ingredient Lemon Cake Mix Cookies

What could be better than a delicious lemon cookie on a warm, summer day? How about a lemon cookie recipe with only THREE ingredients?!? Yup. I speak the truth. These Lemon Cookies are amazing and super simple! Here is how to make them……….




  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix all the ingredients. The dough will be thick and taffy-esque.
  2. Drop the dough in heaping tablespoon amounts onto a greased cookie sheet.
  3. Bake at 350 degrees for 10 minutes. Let cool on the cookie sheet for about 10 minutes.

Remove. Eat. Share. Enjoy.

Easy Lemon Cookies
*Make sure you read the comments below to see our reader’s tips and variations for these cookies. And check out our other recipe for Cake Mix Cookies HERE.

If you decide to make them let me know- I will be over in 10 minutes with two glasses of milk! :)


About the Author: Larissa is a mom of 4 boys who likes to cook and create. The former Food Contributor on Somewhat Simple (2011-12), she now shares her creative adventures full-time on her own blog Just Another Day in Paradise.

This post originally published on Somewhat Simple in April 2012

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  1. says

    Yum! I miss cake mix cookies. I used to make lemon cake mix cookies with white chocolate chips before we went gluten-free at our home. Your cookies look delicious! Thanks for sharing.

    • L says

      I was just wondering if I could adapt the Betty crocker gf yellow cake mix? Might be worth a try!

  2. Katie says

    I’ve made those cookies so many times except I roll the dough in powdered sugar. So delicious! They’ve been present at many bridal and baby showers.

  3. Barbara Anello says

    In place of cool whip, can I substitute whipped cream made with the 35% cream in carton (if I follow directions to turn it into cream) … I’m really new too baking… these cookies look fabulous.

  4. Linda Lewis says

    I’ve made these twice and I love the taste, however, I burned out my mixer motor.
    Am I doing something wrong? Also, there’s no way they bake in 6 minutes, it’s more like 14.

    • says


      It is tough on your mixer, that is for sure! It is just a really taffy-like mixture.

      As for the baking time…as in all cookies and baking, time completely varies. I like my cookies slightly underdone. BUT my husband cooks them for longer when he makes them.

      Thanks for passing your cooking time on, I always forget that not everyone likes slightly underdone cookies!

  5. Cassie Andrews says

    I made these and they were very good!! Although I forgot the egg!! But even without they were tasty, a bit chewy but very good!! I rolled a few in the powdered sugar and loved those too!!!

  6. says

    interesting. i haven’t heard of cookies from a cake mix and cool whip. they look yummy and definitely great for spring!

  7. demi says

    Thanks for this easy recipe. I made a batch tonight. Taste really good, I love LEMON.

  8. Someone who cooks says

    So a cake mix package is an ingredient? LOL

    And you call that cooking too, right? Only in America….

    • Just a lil love says

      Not everyone has time nor money to keep their pantries constantly stocked with all of the ALL FROM SCRATCH ingredients to make recipes. It’s a very nice to know that if you are trying to make something yummy (such as these cookies) and you happen to not have all of the from scratch ingredients (which can be costly I might add!) yet you do have a quick cake box- you can substitute. And yes, substituting one thing for another in a recipe is allowed and both things are still ingredients. Doesn’t matter how hard you work on it. Work smart. The end result will be the same. That’s what counts. Go America :)

    • Mary Anne says

      Seriously, did your mother not teach you manners? “someone who cooks” is “someone who is rude”.

      Sounds yummy…going to have to try them!

    • CJ says

      And only in America can someone (YOU) be SO RUDE and
      not be dragged from your home. This woman is trying to make
      our lives easier. Go away.

  9. Perky Sue says

    This is a wonderful idea. I have a grandson I am teaching to do some cooking. He is 8 and this is easy and he would be able to make them and have a blast. Seems to me he could do what ever flavor of cake he wanted, so probably chocolate (smile). Thanks for the idea. Easy is great for little ones.

  10. JudiHerrmann says

    Is ther any reason that you could not use another flavor of cake mix????I am just wondering if anyone else tried this??

  11. Tia says

    3 ingredients! right up my alley. I LOVE easy!! My 7 year old daughter couldn’t wait to help me make them….they are in the oven right now and smell sooooo yummy, can’t wait to taste them!!!! Thanks for sharing~ We are sharing them with our family at Thanksgiving Dinner tomorrow, can’t wait for someone to ask me for the recipe! It seems that EVERYONE I talk to LOVES simple recipes, too. This rocks, no one should be critisized for offering up something simple for busy moms on the go. I’m lucky I even turn on my oven at all! Go ahead and judge all you “easy” haters. :) xoxo

  12. Dawn says

    Tried many flavors of cake mixes, orange, strawberry, lemon, caramel, pink lemonade…. They are all tasty!

  13. says

    Cake Mix Cookies
    1 pkg of any flavor cake mix
    2 eggs
    1/2 cup oil
    makes 2-3 dozen – can double recipe easily
    Add any one or two of following:
    6 ozs mini chocolate chips or mini M&Ms
    6 ozs butterscotch or peanut butter chips
    1/2 cup coconut or raisins
    1 cup toffee chips or chopped nuts

    Preheat over to 350 degrees.
    Combine ingredients in large bowl and mix well.
    Drop by teaspoonful onto ungreased cookie sheet about 2″ apart.
    Bake 9-12 minutes (10 chewy; 12 crispy).

    I tried with lemon cake mix and did roll balls into powdered sugar.
    Add lemon zest and/or 6-8 packets of TRUE Lemonade.
    Can add a packet or two to confectioners sugar too.


    Our favorites, Chocolate cake mix with mini M&Ms
    Chocolate cake mix with peanut butter chips or Reeses pieces

  14. Loni says

    I can not use eggs..due to family member allergic too eggs…is there something else I can USE???

    • Alice says

      Plain mayonaise can be substituted for eggs. 2 tablespoons mayo equals one egg. Be sure it is plain whole egg mayo, not the kind that uses olive or canola oil.

      • Alice says

        Opps sorry. Mayo has eggs in it. Try an eggless variety, which you can find in health food stores.

  15. Haylea says

    What is cool whip and what can I substitute it with? I’m in AUZ and have not heard of it!
    Thank you :)

    • Cori says

      Cool whip is a name brand, pre-made whipped cream. So basically, you just need whipped cream.

  16. gina says

    Can the mixture be mixed by hand or hand mixer? I don’t have an electric mixer so I want to make sure I’ll. Be able to achieve the right consistency.
    Thanks for the fabulous, easy recipe.

  17. Janet says

    Love the cookies…but mine are NOT flat. They are little mountains. Help! I notice someone elsee had this problem…TIA!