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Printable Mason Jar Gift Tags


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Gift a jar of something delicious to neighbors and friends with these simple Mason jar gift tags that you can print from home!

Printable gift tags are kind of our jam! Here are a few more of our favorites – Colorful Rainbow Tags, Fruity Friendship Gift Tags, and Simple Cupcake Gift Tags.

several mason jar gift tags cut out and laid on the counter next to fresh strawberries and a jar of strawberry jam

Mason Jar Shaped Tags

Our free mason jar gift tags are simply perfect for your summer treats and homemade gifts!

  • Use them as an excuse to make delicious brownies and share them with friends.
  • Glue them to wooden skewers and stick them in your freshly baked strawberry shortcake.
  • Tie one to a basket of your over producing zucchini and leave it out by the curb for neighbors to use.
  • Pencil in a price and use them at your upcoming bake sale.
  • Attach one to a jar of jam or fresh tomatoes from the garden for a thoughtful homemade gift.

No matter what you decide to use them for, these simple Mason Jar gift tags will add that extra special touch to your gifts without costing you any extra money!

gift tags in the shape of mason jars cut out from this free printable and laid on the counter

These free printable gift tags look great on whatever paper you use, but they look the best and hold up great when printed on card stock. If convenience is your priority, they can also be printed on sticker paper.

Mason Jar Gift Tags


  • Cute Mason Jar Gift Tags printables (download below)
  • printer + paper
  • scissors
  • small hole punch, wooden skewers, string + washi tape, optional
  • mason jar or basket
  • items to put inside the jar or basket


  1. Download, print and cut out the Mason jar tags of your choice,
  2. Attach these cute tags to your jar or basket by one of the following methods –
    • punch a small hole in the corner of the tag and tie the tag with string
    • tape a tag to the front of your jar or basket with some cute washi tape
    • tape a tag to a wooden skewer and stick it into your basket or baked goods
  3. … and you’re done!

Other Thoughtful Gift Ideas

Mason Jar Tags Free Printable

printable mason jar tags laying next to strawberries and fruit jelly

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