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Chicken and Mashed Potato Bowls

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These delicious chicken and mashed potato bowls are an easy dinner idea that takes only minutes to prepare!  Loaded with juicy chicken, mashed potatoes, corn and cheese, this KFC copycat recipe is one the whole family will love!

These delicious bowls are an easy meal to make for those crazy nights.  If I have a few extra minutes, I love to throw together a quick Spinach Salad or some Roasted Vegetables to round out the meal.  And for dessert, I love to whip up a quick batch of my famous Homemade Brownies.

Two Chicken and Mashed Potato Bowls on a counter made using this KFC copycat recipe

Copycat KFC Mashed Potato Bowls

When my husband and I were first married, we really enjoyed the chicken and mashed potato bowls from KFC, but we quickly realized how easy it was to recreate this recipe at home. Not only did we like the control over the ingredients in our own recipe, but the poor college kids in us also liked that idea of not spending $10 for 2 bowls (and 2 cups of water!). With this recipe we could each get a nice-sized serving for a fraction of the fast-food cost.

It’s been 15 years since those early days of discovery and now we’re making these chicken and mashed potato bowls for our family of 7! Whether you’re cooking for 2 people or 12 people, they are easy and delicious! … Not to mention even my pickiest of kids really like them! Case and point:

a little girl eating a bite from a chicken and mashed potato bowl

How To Make Mashed Potato Bowls

What’s not to love about chicken nuggets mixed with mashed potatoes and corn, bathed in a delicious gravy?? It’s like a hundred comfort foods all wrapped in one!

  • I start by baking a bag, according to the package, of my favorite chicken nuggets or chicken tenders.
  • While those are in the oven I’ll whip together a batch of instant mashed potatoes.
  • Next, drain and then heat a can of corn in a microwave safe bowl.
  • Once all of the ingredients are ready, it’s time to compile your bowl.
  • I put the mashed potatoes in the bowl first, then add the chicken and corn.
  • I then pour warm gravy over the top and sprinkle a little grated cheese over the top.
  • I prefer chicken gravy but any type will do.

Voila, now you have your own copycat KFC mashed potato bowl and you didn’t even have to leave your house.

looking down on a bowl of KFC Mashed Potato Bowl Copycat topped with cheese, parsley and corn

More Easy Chicken Recipes

 Chicken and Mashed Potato Bowls Recipe

These mashed potato bowls are so good, it’s time to get cooking, shall we?  Leave us a comment below and let us know how you liked them or if you added anything else to your bowl.  We always love seeing you enjoy one of our recipes, so tag us on social media when you make this yummy meal.

KFC Mashed Potato Bowl Copycat
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Chicken and Mashed Potato Bowls

These delicious chicken and mashed potato bowls are an easy dinner full of the things your kids will love!
Course Main Course
Cuisine American
Keyword dinner
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Servings 8 People
Calories 650 kcal


  • mashed potatoes - you can use leftover potatoes from last night's dinner or my favorite instant potatoes.
  • 1 can of corn drained and heated
  • frozen chicken nuggets cooked according to package directions
  • gravy - your favorite store-bought or homemade recipe heated
  • cheddar cheese


  1. When everything is cooked and heated throughout, start adding each item into a bowl in the following order:

  2. - Mashed Potatoes
  3. - Chicken
  4. - Corn
  5. - Gravy
  6. - Cheese

Recipe Video

Recipe Notes

Serve & enjoy!

Nutrition Facts
Chicken and Mashed Potato Bowls
Amount Per Serving
Calories 650
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

Easy and delicious… just the way I like it!

a chicken and Mashed Potato Bowl topped with cheese, corn and parsley in a white bowl

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