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Creative Baby Shower Gift Wrapping Ideas


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The Ooo’s and Ahhh’s that come from shower attendees can be just as genuine over the wrapping and presentation as they are over the actual gifts themselves.  Especially when you are giving boring items off the registry, like diapers and nursing pads! Here are some examples of creative baby shower gift wrapping ideas for those plain necessities for the mom-to-be:

baby shower gift wrapping ideas for baby boys with essential baby boy items like onesies picture frames and clothes wrapped in a little baseball glove and a basket with ribbon








Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas For Baby Boys

Baby Boy Showers are hard enough as it is, because not too many boy gifts are adorable– lets be honest! Sure a tiny pair of denim jeans or cute little tennis shoes can be fun to see, but here is a way to take some regular onesies (a must have!) and present them in an adorable boy fashion!

Simply roll the onesies and tuck them inside a baseball glove – because every little boy needs a baseball glove, right? You could take it one step further and add the glove to a blue bin with other baby things- a baseball, some receiving blankets, body wash etc.

The above glove was found at Target for $5, but I have gone again and haven’t seen any gloves under $15… which is too pricey for me. If you find this same problem, try this similar idea:
creative gift wrapping idea has essential baby boy items like clothes and shampoo wrapped with ribbon in a basket
This wrapping idea is still cuter than sticking those items in a gift bag!

More Fun Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Creative Baby Shower Gift Wrapping For Baby Girls

creative baby shower gifts
Little girls gifts are a bit easier to get crowd approval over because there are so many cute little girl’s clothes out there. I found several girly outfits on clearance at Target (roughly $2 each) and I rolled them up and secured them by wrapping a matching handmade headband around each of them. Then I placed them inside a cute plastic bin that I embellished a bit (from Dollar Tree).  Finally I tied it all up with a tulle bow.
If you aren’t lucky enough to find some amazing deals on clearance and you want to stay within a budget, here is a similar idea using stacks of diapers secured with headbands and placed in a basket:
baby shower gift wrapping ideas with diapers in a basket
I partnered it with a covered wipee case and called it good!

Baby Gift Wrapping Ideas For Twins

creative baby gift wrapping ideas for twins with buckets filled with essential gifts like shampoo pacifiers and rubber ducks
For the momma getting ready for multiples, I love the idea of coordinating similar items in different colors. For this Twin’s Shower I went to, the mom was having a boy and a girl, so I did one gift box in blue and one in pink but you could certainly adapt this and do a purple and pink set or a blue and green set for twins of the same sex.
I filled 2 plastic bins with the same or similar items and in each: 2 matching outfits; 1 blue, 1 pink; blue body wash, pink lotion, blue baby shampoo, purple cotton swabs etc. To finish the look, I just tied it up with some coordinating ribbon!

So there you have it! That’s a Wrap!several creative baby shower gift wrapping ideas for boys girls and twins

This post was written for the darling series “Baby Daze” on Lil Luna- featuring 12 fantastic baby ideas from 12 different bloggers. Congrats to Kristyn and her new baby girl!

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