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Family Travel Tips – Traveling with Kids


Getting together with friends and family doesn’t have to be stressful! Here are some helpful family travel tips to help make traveling with young kids fun and memorable!

5 Family Travel Tips

Anyone who has ever traveled during the holidays or during summer vacation knows it can be a bit stressful!  Add kids to the mix and most people think you have a recipe for disaster! But we LOVE traveling with our family, and we want you to enjoy it too!  Here are some tips to make family travel a whole lot easier!

First, here is a short video we made with some of our family Family Vacation Printables-

Click the links below to view the travel printables we mentioned in our video –

Family Travel Tips

1.Budget Travel and Money- Saving Tips

When it comes to traveling on a budget, every penny counts! Here are some tips on when to save and when to splurge:

Where to Save –

Sign up for Travel Rewards Credit Cards + Frequent Flyer Programs. (We are not advovating going into debt for travel, we want to make that VERY clear.) Using a rewards credit card that you pay off each month is a great way to cut travel expenses! Why? Because you earn points for flights and hotels simply by spending money on things you are buying  buying anyway.

Become “friends” with The Points Guy so you can determine which credit card deal is best for you. This Southwest Airlines card one I currently have and love because the points are so easy to redeem.  And if you own your own business this one from Chase Ink is my absolute favorite because of the large sign up bonus and it’s easy to redeem the points.  We flew our entire family to Europe last fall with credit card miles! And no, we didn’t spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to get hundreds of thousands of points. We earned most of our points by signing up for credit cards when they had a bonus mileage offer.

Also, don’t forget to sign up for the frequent flyer programs of the airlines you travel with, especially if you travel a lot!

Pack in a Carry-On. The $25 each way baggage fees can blow through your travel budget, fast! When we travel as a family, we try to keep the checked luggage to a minimum. (When we traveled to Europe, we checked ZERO bags. 7 people with everything for 10 days in backpacks! If we can do it, so can you!)

Get a Ride to the Airport. Long-term parking can add up! Ask a friend to drive you, or catch a ride with Uber or Lyft.

Park off-site. If you don’t feel comfortable asking a friend for a ride or getting in the car with an Uber driver, park your car at a long-term parking lot off the premises and use their shuttle. We’ve been using Blue Sky for years now and we absolutely LOVE them!

Do Your Research. Sometimes the tourist hot spots have a discounted day or even free admission. For example, in New York City, the 9/11 memorial is free on Tuesday nights. It is definitely more crowded, but if you’re looking to save money, it might be a great way to do so!

Stay Outside the City. You hear a lot about the importance of staying in a fantastic location, but always check the cost of a hotel or AirBNB just outside the city. When we took the kids to DC last month, we saved $200 a night just by staying in Virginia instead of in DC.

Take advantage of public transportation. Not only do most subway systems drop off at popular tourist spots, they are also cheaper than renting cars and will save you money and the hassle of finding parking in big cities where parking lots are few and far between!

A Few More Helpful Monney- SavingTips –

  • Consider hitting up a grocery or convenience store to pick up food for lunches. Making PB & J at the hotel and packing a lunch and snacks can certainly save you from buying more expensive foods.
  • Avoid unnecessary souvenirs. (Hard for me – I love souvenirs!)

Where to Splurge –

Curbside Check-in: You can save a ton of time and hassle if you’re up for tipping the nice employees $1-$2 per bag! Dump all your luggage on the curb, get our boarding passes, then head straight to security with your stroller and carry ons!

Location, Location, Location. This totally goes against the suggestion above to stay outside the city, but sometimes splurging on your hotel to be closer to the action is worth it. If your hotel is in walking distance from the activities you plan to do, you might end up spending less once you factor in the money for transportation and parking etc. Choose your location wisely!

Family Travel Tips

2. Travel Packing List

Pack light: Packing light is a must when traveling with kids because there’s already so much STUFF you have to bring! (Diapers, stroller, car seats etc.) Consider packing just a few days worth of clothing and then use the laundry facility – that’s what it is there for! Laundry is definitely not my favorite thing to do while on vacation, but neither is carrying 150 suitcases in each hand.

To Each His Own: Pack a backpack and small suitcase for each child and put them in charge of carrying it. This makes it nice for everyone to have what they need at their fingertips. (Plus, my kids seriously LOVE rolling their own suitcase around!)

Here is what I put in my KIDS backpacks-

  • Coloring activities – Coloring books and paper, crayons, markers, pens etc. (We LOVE Color Wonder Travel Totes)
  • Snacks (see snack tips below)
  • Sippy cups for younger kids
  • A favorite blanket
  • Books – ISpy and Where’s Waldo are like magic! Buy some new ones, or borrow them from the library.
  • Little toys – play dough, puzzles, window clings (<<< our favorite!)

Here is what I put in MY backpack-

  • All electronics. Not only does this lessen the likelihood of things being misplaced or forgotten by the kids, but it also allows me keep better tabs on my kids screen-time.
  • Headphones in separate plastic bags to avoid cord tangles. (see tip below on headphone selections)
  • Extra snacks
  • Medicine – Dramamine, Benadryl, Tylenol etc.
  • Wet wipes – We use these for EVERYTHING! In addition to wiping dirty hands and mouths, you can also use them to clean your seatback trays, video screens, spills etc.

You Might Want to Consider – 

  • Extra clothes, just in case
  • Comfy socks. It is nice to kick off your shoes on long flights to help your blood circulate and keep your feet comfy!

Packing List

Click HERE to grab our Free Printable Packing Checklist! 

3. Best Travel Snacks

Pack individual snack bags – I’ve tried packing all the snacks in one bag and handing them out as needed, but in addition to the extra weight it caused me to carry in my bag, it was also hard to distribute. One kid always wants to eat before the others, and it’s hard to control the portion size so everyone gets a fair amount. To make it fair and easy, each kid now gets their own snacks in their bags and they get to decide how fast they burn through them! They can eat what they want, when they want, and when their snacks are gone, they are gone!

Here are some of our favorite airplane snacks –

  • Goldfish
  • Fruit Snacks
  • Granola Bars
  • Crackers and Cheese Spread

I also pack each child some of their favorite candies + their own pack of gum (assuming they are old enough to chew it, obviously). I let them chew gum during takeoff and landing to help pressurize their ears. 🙂

4. Kids Entertainment

Consider an “entertainment fast” before you leave. By limiting the usage of electronics prior to your trip, or secretly hiding their favorite toys, your kids will be that much more excited and more easily entertained by them when you pull them out!

Electronics –

  • Load up Kindles and iPads with movies and apps that don’t require wifi.
  • Charge ALL devices. There are planes that have in-seat charging stations, but don’t rely on that! Ensure iPads, DVD players and all electronic devices are fully charged before you leave.
  • Don’t forget headphones! My older kids prefer ear buds, but Over-the-Head Headphones are the best for little ones! They stay on their head waaaaay better than ear buds stay in their ears!
  • Don’t pull out the electronics until you are up in the air or far enough along on the road. Let the kids use the other items in their backpacks so they don’t get bored with their Kindles too fast.

Travel Games – 

  • On our trip to DC last month, I stopped off at the dollar store and grabbed a few travel games. It was the first time I’ve brought games with us, and it was kind of an after thought, but this ended up being so much fun! We pulled out Old Maid, Go Fish and UNO while waiting for our flight. We played Connect 4 while waiting for the shuttle to our hotel. The kids played with their mini Magna Doodles while in line for museums and while waiting for the subway… these little games went a long way!!!

5. Helpful Tips –

Stay Connected

Download helpful apps that will make your trip easier. There are apps to show places to get cheap gas, to check traffic conditions, and inform you about flight delays, etc. Also, make sure that you have all of your important numbers saved in your phone. Consider saving the following –

  • Doctors
  • Vets
  • Insurance
  • Emergency Contact Number
  • Numbers to places where you have a reservation – hotels, car rental etc.

Set Boundaries –  Plan ahead and set rules for your flight. How long will the kids be on electronics, how many snacks can they have? When do they need to turn their screens off and try to rest?

Fun Family Travel Ideas

Family Travel Tips

Don’t let the fear of traveling with kids keep you from experiencing all that life has to offer! There are things to see and memories to make, so get out there and have some fun!

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