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How to Make Pom Poms – A Fun Tissue Paper Craft


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Here is how to make pom poms that are easy to customize with your favorite team colors!

These cheerleader pom poms are easy to customize in team colors! This tissue paper craft is a fun way for the kids to cheer on their favorite football team!

Pro, college, or peewee football – get the kids cheering and showing off their team spirit by making these simple tissue paper pom poms! (The tissue paper also makes that swishing noise like real pom poms, which is always fun for the kiddos!)

How to Make Pom Poms 

Supplies for Pom Poms

  • tissue paper in your desired team colors
  • scissors
  • tape

Directions for Pom Poms

  1. Take two sheets of tissue paper in your team colors and fold in half length-wise.
  2. Cut the long rectangle in half down the width (short ways) to make two smaller rectangles.
  3. Keeping the two pieces of tissue paper folded together, start cutting thin strips starting at open end and stopping about an inch or two before the fold.
  4. Tightly roll the tissue paper together at the folded end and secure with some tape.
  5. Fluff up your pom poms and get ready to cheer for your team!

How to make Pom Poms

Not only are these pom poms a fun, AFFORDABLE craft for the kids to make, but they are also a great way for littler ones to practice their scissor skills! It would also be cute to use pinking shears to give the pom poms some fun zig zag texture. This is definitely a great craft to make as a family to cheer on your team!

Have so much fun!

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