Remote Control Cookies for Fathers Day

Father's Day Remote Control Cookies

Father’s Day is coming up- time to start thinking about what to get dad!

You really can’t go wrong with cookies, right? But I felt like I wanted to try something a little more “out of the box.”  So I racked my brain for some other man-cookie ideas.  It’s not easy.  But I decided on making remote control cookies… and then I put it in a box.

Ideally this would accompany the gift of your husband’s dream TV.  But if you’re me, you wouldn’t dream of picking out a TV on your own.  But I think this would be great wrapped up with a DVD, or simply a promise that you give your man some alone time with sports center. How do you make a remote cookie, you ask?  You don’t have that cookie cutter? No worries, here is a step-by-step process:

Read up on the basics of sugar cookies and royal icing with recipes and instructions HERE.


I just put my actual remote in my copier/printer.

Then I cut it out, put it on my cookie dough and cut it out with a small knife.

You can use this method to make just about any shape of cookie you can imagine.


1. Outline  2. Fill  3. Let dry  4. Make your buttons by looking over at your remote.

Mine ended up a little off center, but that’s okay!


To decorate the buttons, I used these edible markers with a fine tip.  These things are just beyond fun.

They write on (dried) royal icing, really well!  You may just want to color all over your cookies!


I added some candy on the bottom because the box I found was a little deeper than I wanted.

My Dad came over and saw this and said it was “unreal.”  He was impressed with my craziness!

I thought it was so real, I might just make one for April Fool’s Day and replace it with the real one. Or, if you’ve lost the remote and you’re hubs is real mad, just hand him this and I’m sure he’ll simmer down just fine!

fathers day remote

I hope you are inspired to make some custom cookies of your own.

Don’t be afraid to use copy machines, knives and markers.  We do what it takes here in the cookie world!

 Oh the possibilities!  Silly possibilities.

About the Author: Ashleigh is the creative mom of three and blogger from Bee in Our Bonnet . Ashleigh spent a few years blogging on Somewhat Simple as our Baking Contributor.

This post originally published on Somewhat Simple in May 2011

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  1. That is SO cute! I haven’t had luck with royal icing, but I might just attempt those ties. The remote looks like it’s for ADVANCED frosters, so I don’t think that’s me, but thanks for the idea! SO CUTE!!!

  2. Melany Tenore says:

    HOly cuteness! I love it! Thanks for a fun idea!

  3. the remote control cookies are AMAZING!

  4. Love these cookie ideas. That remote for April Fools!!! Genius!!

  5. tanya smith says:

    So awesome!

  6. Awesome! I always love to see your great cookie Ideas. I have the original post savd in evernote so I have it handy…. this is so on my top things to try list!

  7. So cute! So funny!
    In Portugal we celebrate Father’s Day on 19th March, but I’ll save these great ideas for next year!

  8. Ridiculously clever! Well done!

  9. I love Ashleigh, she is amazing and so are her cookies.

  10. OMG, when I first saw the remote I thought it was a REAL remote! I had to go back and do a double-take! Crazy Cookie Skills!!

  11. What cute ideas for Father’s Day! Love the ties and the remote cookies. I’m teaching a two week summer camp session for first through fourth graders. I might attempt to make these cookies with the kids since the camp ends on the Friday before Father’s Day.

    Thanks for sharing and all the tips.


  12. These are soooo cute. I just love how they came out. That remote almost looks real. Unbelievable. I wish I was that talented and had enough time to attempt that. I don’t think I will be making these, but thought that they were so cute … I shared a link to this post on my blog. Thanks for sharing.


  14. bRiLLiaNT!


  15. Very cute and creative!

  16. Before I knew the remote was a cookie I thought you used a real universal remote and I was like omg this is great! I’ll get the huge ones at the dollar tree and put it with a bag of M&Ms hahaha loove the cookies! maybe this summer I’ll try my luck with Royal Icing and see what happens.

  17. You are so talented!! I love the remote control cookie!! Did you make the tags or did you purchase them?

  18. That is just adorable

  19. Thank you so much for those cookie tutorials. You read my mind. I was thinking of making those cookies and while searching for ideas I came across your blog. Those cookies are adorable. I’m going to make them for Father’s Day! Can you tell me where you purchased the clear box for the remote control and did you make those tags? They are so cute!

  20. We loved this so much we posted about it on our Facebook page!

    Thanks for all your creative ideas. We love your blog!!!

    Warm regards,
    Social Media Manager
    Doubletree Columbus-Worthington Hotel
    175 Hutchinson Avenue, Columbus, Ohio, United States 43235

  21. Oh thank you so much for some new inspiration for Father’s Day cookies. Love love the remote!

  22. That is amazing and so funny! You must have a happy husband. He has a wife that will go to great lengths to show how you care. Thanks for sharing. Hope you will stop by True Aim.

  23. OMGOSH Steph those are amazing!!! I gotta try them!!

  24. My sister and I are making these this weekend. I am so excited and can’t wait to see how they turn out

  25. You are AMAZING!!!!

  26. Wow, that’s amazing!! I was wondering how you did all the small numbers, I’ll have to buy those markers. Where can I buy them? Thanks!

  27. OMG stop it. That is so cute.

  28. This is beautiful! So impressive. I don’t think I could pull off these details, but maybe I could make him some medical school book cookies??

  29. Hello , I will try to make these but I need the recipe for the black icing and buttons as well as the cookie dough , if that’s not too much to ask please!

  30. Adorable idea. We might just have to make some of these in the shape of video game controllers 😉