Sangria Punch

This is a recipe for Sangria Punch that I found years ago from I made some minor adjustments so it wouldn’t be as tart, and it really is a fabulous recipe!

My kids and I LOVE this drink- just thinking about it makes my mouth water!



4 cups cold cranberry juice cocktail
1 cup cold orange juice
1/2 Tbsp. fresh lime juice
3/4 cup  Pink Lemonade Flavor Drink Mix
3 cups cold lemon lime soda
2 oranges, sliced
2 limes, sliced


MIX first 4 ingredients in large glass or plastic pitcher; stir until mix is dissolved.

REFRIGERATE until ready to serve.

STIR in soda and fruit. Serve over ice.

 (This recipe originally featured on Somewhat Simple November 2009)


  1. 1
    Jessica Griffin says:

    Oh this is a favorite in my house also! I actually made something similar last night when we had dinner guests! They loved it also! (To make it an adult beverage you can just add vodka! Not that I would know… )


  2. 2

    Your directions say to add club soda, but club soda isn’t listed as an ingredient. Should club soda be listed instead of lemon lime soda or vice versa?

    • 3
      Stephanie says:

      Nice catch Sara! The original recipe called for club soda, but I prefer lemon lime soda, so I changed the ingredient list but forgot to change the directions! :)

  3. 4

    How many servings does this recipe yield?

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