Ugly Ornament Exchange

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If you’re looking for a fun girls’ night IN this winter season, you definitely need to host an ugly ornament exchange! Any reason to get together for a kid-free night with food and friends is fantastic, but a gift exchange like this is guaranteed to add even more laughter and creativity to your gathering.

First, send out invitations. Feel free to use the one we made:

ugly ornament gift exchange invite

Right click on the image above to save it to your computer and print as needed. Personal use only, please.

To exchange the gifts, have your guests write a hidden talent or little-known secret on a piece of paper. Collect all the secrets in a bowl and get ready for some fun!

The host will go first and read 1 secret from the bowl. Let everyone try to guess who’s secret it is and when the right person “comes clean”, they get to pick the first gift and read the next secret. If gifts are wrapped, they open it in front of everyone- get ready for even more laughter!

Once the next secret is read and that person “comes clean”, they can either steal the first ornament, or pick another one from the pile. Continue in this fashion until everyone’s secret has been read and everyone has a gift.

You can also decide how many times an ornament can be “stolen”- we usually let it go to 3 different people before it is “frozen” and stays with the 3rd person who claims it, but that is entirely up to you!

There are a bazillion ugly ornaments out there, just browse the Christmas decor aisles in most stores and you’ll find something! Here are a couple ugly ornament “jewels” I found on Amazon: 

ugly ornament gift exchange 1

Lederhosen Unicorn Ornament

ugly ornament gift exchange 2Glow in the Dark Jellyfish Ornament

Have a happy holiday!!!

This post originally published on Somewhat Simple in January 2012

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  1. Not Just A Mommy! says

    I LOVE the ideas of an Ugly Ornament exchange; we’ve done the Ugly Sweater party and exchange nice ornaments. That is so on my to-do list next year!

  2. says

    we did an ugly ornament exchange on new year’s eve-so much fun!! my girls and i had a great time picking out our ornaments in the store and then the exchange was hysterical!!