Ugly Ornament Exchange

Two weeks ago I invited some of my friends over for a girls night IN.

ugly ornament

I enjoyed being the hostess for the night and running the show- I love to entertain! My friends enjoyed a reason to get out of the house and get away from the kiddos! In addition to eating and chatting, I also had each of my friends bring an ugly ornament. Its amazing how ugly some of those things can be! It gave us a good laugh.

I love a fun girl’s night IN! Hope you all are having as fun of a holiday season as we are!

ugly ornament


  1. 1
    Not Just A Mommy! says:

    I LOVE the ideas of an Ugly Ornament exchange; we’ve done the Ugly Sweater party and exchange nice ornaments. That is so on my to-do list next year!

  2. 2

    we did an ugly ornament exchange on new year’s eve-so much fun!! my girls and i had a great time picking out our ornaments in the store and then the exchange was hysterical!!

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