Waffle Cone Christmas Trees

These Waffle Cone Christmas Trees are a great alternative to the messy, crumbly, stale gingerbread houses!

It is a simple waffle cone tipped upside down, covered with green frosting and decorated with candy “ornaments”!

Take a look:

1. Supplies Needed: Waffle Cone, Small Candy, Frosting, Green Food Coloring, Licorice, Yellow Gum Drop/Dot

2. If your waffle cones are slanted, as mine were, you will have to carefully break away the taller part of the cone so it will stand up straight

3. Die your frosting green

4. Give each child a plate with all of their needed ingredients

1. Frost your tree.

2. Wrap your licorice around your tree to look like a strand of lights or tinsel.

3. Decorate your tree by sticking small candies to the frosting.

4. Top your cone with a yellow Dot or Gum Drop & enjoy!

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